Funniest Memes of 2019

Of course it’s that time of the year when brand new memes come out. And here are the funniest of the year.

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1 Ah S*** Here We Go Again

That's what George and Harold should've said in Captain Underpants.

When minecraft pocket edition crashes on you

Glad to see Grand Theft Auto getting another meme out of it.

Not funny, didn't laugh

2 Powerful Shaggy

He is too powerful nothing can stop him he has reached 56% swag, human existance is almost over. He has now reached 96% mass extinction is eminent

Shaggy should be number 1 on most powerful fictional characters. Everybody vote for him! - Unnamed Google User Remade

It was hard to vote but the all powerful Shaggy blessed me with his power making me comment

Given the whole #KickVic situation and the douchebaggery that is Sean Schemmel, I personally would like to have Matthew Lillard (Shaggy's VA) voice Goku if (Un)Funimation loses the rights to Viz Media.

Therefore this meme can actually be made canon in the DB universe. Plus, it would make up for Lillard's absence in the new Scooby-Doo reboot.

3 "Wait, That's Illegal"

When you chew gum in school and get away with it.

Only good meme this year.

Peel a banana. Wait that’s illegal

4 Evil Duolingo Owl

Help... it's been three days since HE took my wife and kids... help me... he said that I'm next and I fear that they don't have much time left...

Funny enough this one came around when I first started using Duolingo after a hiatus

Someone downloaded a load of fitness apps, and turned Duo into some kind of wrestler.

Looks like you forgot your Spanish lessons again. You know what happens know!

5 Big Chungus

No. It is very slightly amusing the first time, and gets old quickly after that.

Please tell me what you find amusing about it. I'm just curious, that's all.

Was looking to buy this for my son but wasn't available - Cheers son's crying, nice one

Big chungus is the best, but I heard that he is getting combined with a racist meme. I think it was ugandan knuckles

The Big Chungus gets what the Big Chungus wants

6 Let Me In!

Yes. True. Very True. It Kept Me Laughing, Even When I'm Having Online Classes, And I Laughed About 12 Hours And Then, I Kept On Looking At It And. I Just Can't Sleep And Laughing For The Whole🤪 Week

When you're trying to skip a level in a game by getting out-of-bounds but the game won't let you

When you want to get in but the door is locked

Oh well this one

7 Surprised Pikachu

This meme has lived for so long I am surprised and happy

This is my all time favorite

Just discovered this meme since a few weeks.

This meme sucks

8 Sal Vulcano

"If Sal doesn't give me 100 dollars everyone on this plane will be tonight's big loser"

WHY. He's so funny on Impractical Jokers. How did he get on this list?

Sal couldn't defuse the bomb quick enough in the childrens hospital! making him tonights biggest loser

Funny guy from
Funny show with
Funny memes

You was at the club

9 Storm Area 51

Yeah, and there could also be events inspired by it such as storming the Pentagon, the Kremlin, the Vatican, the Bermuda Triangle, and Club 33 in Disneyland.

When should try doing it again next year but this time on purge night since all crime is legal.

So funny, this meme can literally make fun of everything

Area 51: (exists)
raid: I'm about to end this mans whole career

10 Detective Pikachu Dancing

it cures suicide rates

The Contenders

11 Sonic Movie Memes

This is what you should've put as your Twitter bio

Sonic movie got delayed because of this

It's so bad that it's funny

You made me LoSe My MaRbLeS!

12 Earl Running Memes

Every CGI movie becomes a meme for some reason. I don't really think these types of memes are funny anyways.

13 Ant-Man: Thanos' Inside Story

That's what happens when you blend mario and marvel into one thing

More commonly known as Ant-Man Crawls up Thanos and Expands.

Will be disappointed if this doesn't happen in Endgame

My friend Jose told me this in class, and I was DYING of laughter. - IceFoxPlayz

14 Will Smith as The Genie

When I first say that I was like "if that doesn't become a meme then all humanity is lost" thankfully, humanity is saved!

So sexy I'm drooling

Yeahhh its remake time

That's hot!

15 Naruto Run

Even Isabelle from Animal Crossing does it!

*Rising Fighting Spirit playing*


16 Me and the Boys

Me and the boys at 3:00 am looking for beans

Me and the boys at 2 am looking for MEMES!

Me and the boys voting me and the boys as the best meme of 2019

Must be in top ten

17 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (A Wimoweh, A Wimoweh)

My music teacher made our whole grade sing this. Little did he know it was a meme.

Love the music

Guys, 0.01 seconds before getting hit in the balls.

18 Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars Product Image

I grew up playing this game and now it's a meme.

*LEGO Yoda Death Sound for 10 Hours*

19 Shen Yun

Not brought to you by the Chinese Government.

Billboards everywhere even after the movie

I saw the Shen Yun and it was beautiful

What even is this?

20 World Record Egg

This is both the funniest and stupidest thing this year so far

Ah yes, my former profile picture

This became a meme lol.

21 Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh

It’s Actually decent

22 Virgin vs. Chad

This is one of my all time favorite meme formats

This meme actually started out in 2016 or 2017 and died out.-DarkBoi-X

23 Mafia City

Isn't it just me or does the default "Lv. 35 Boss" guy in the ads for this game look a bit like what if British Youtuber Stuart "Ashens" Ashen was in either Fortnite or Team Fortress 2?

It's such a shame that the actual game itself is nothing like the ads though. :'(

You peel an orange and eat it that's how mafia works

Yes, that is indeed how mafia works

24 J.K. Rowling Tweet Parodies

Literally Nobody:
JK Rowling: if Harry is gay you can be gay too. Just use your imagination.

No one:

JK Rowling: Dobby threw the first stone in stonewall

Lol this made me laugh when I first watched it on lwiay

No one jk Rowling

Dobby Foght the Iraq war

25 Cursed Images

This was also 2018.

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