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1 Trollface/Umadbro?/Problem?

All these other memes are trash but only good in rage comics and id say this one is usually the funniest to be honest - pewdiepiekilledmemes

Used to annoy people. The best! - BronySyndrome

The God of laugh out loud

I like this meme so much! They use this in Minecraft trolling/griefing videos. It's so funny

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2 The Y U NO Guy

Y you no give this 1st spot?

So many memes for this one. Some of these had me cracking up. - BronySyndrome

YES :D COOL! Its on place 2! WOOHOO!

Y u no sexeh?

3 Weegee

If you don't vote for him, he will stare into your soul - HiN

Weegee is the king of memes sins 2007/2010 - fe


4 This is Sparta!

No! This is Patrick! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Another rage meme. From 300. Possibly the first meme ever created. - BronySyndrome

The second meme to be born, behind Brian Peppers, which was the first meme ever

5 Trollestia/Molestia/Tyrant Celestia

I want molestia to molest me.

Troll face for bronies. Love this one.. - BronySyndrome

Watch out! Here comes (insert Celestia meme here)!

6 Cereal Guy

A funny, complaining meme. - BronySyndrome

7 Mama Luigi

So classic. I use this all the time. - BronySyndrome

Same character as looweegee from tiw

8 LOLcats

Cats? Memes? GO FOR IT! Cats can happen to do the funniest things sometimes, and with some creativity, you can make something that will make you LOL until you can't breathe!

Cats. Kitties. Funny kitties. Kitties that make you laugh out loud. - BronySyndrome


The rage face of my world! - BronySyndrome

When you almost beat your high score in flappybird

On final leve of super Mario on 3DS,100 second,5 seconds when I defeat boss, time runs out as soon as I get to the door, have to start game from the start.
FFUU... - DapperPickle

10 Bear Grylls/Better Drink My Own Pee

Just a bunch of memes making fun of Bear. Still funny! - BronySyndrome

Oh my god... - Hellomchello

(Bear holding a knife)Put the pee down,and nobody will get hurt!

The Newcomers

? Ligma

That's a really funny meme. - LeRoiDesSapins

? So I Herd You Liek Mudkipz

The Contenders

11 Deez Nuts Deez Nuts

#1 funniest thing created

This should be at number 1 and not 28. - LeRoiDesSapins

This should be number 1. - LeRoiDesSapins

12 Yukkuri
13 Headless Mami Tomoe
14 Lavender Town

This meme is horrifying

15 Doge

I think that Doge is adorable! - Pegasister12

I think that Doge is adorable. - Pegasister12

Stupid logic, horrible grammar and also, kindergarteners would find this funny.

Wow, such good, much funny, very internet, OMAE WA MOE SHINDEIRU

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16 For Security Reasons

It's quite funny. - LeRoiDesSapins

17 Darude - Sandstorm

That's a funny meme. - LeRoiDesSapins

18 O'rly
19 You Don't Say?
20 The Chocolate Guy
21 Watch out! We got a badass over here
22 Forever Alone Guy

My meme face hands down! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

23 Yao Ming Yao Ming
24 The King's Dinner
25 Dolan

Only 20th? Gooby please!

26 One does not simply
27 And So I Asked Her..

Used for "obvious troll is obvious" questions. A classic. - BronySyndrome

28 21 (Whats 9+10?)

Only people with the worst humor will find it funny - MrCoolC

This meme isn't funny. - Pony


This is underrated, I love it. - NuMetalManiak

30 Countryballs


31 Rick Roll
32 MMMeme
33 Willy Wonka / Tell Me More
34 True Story
35 Diabeetus

Lol - SoloPotato

36 Gay Luigi

Nice of the princess to invite us for a picnic, Gay Luigi?

Hey, Chaotixhero. Suck it!

37 Major League Gaming
38 Coincidence? I think NOT!
39 Pedobear

Who's watching? Tell me who's watching. I always feel like someone's watching me! And I got no privacy! - bobbythebrony

He stole our hearts and our children

40 Billy Mays
41 Moonman Moonman
42 Depression Guy
43 Bronies
44 Shut up and Take my money!

Haha classic Fry!

45 Spiderman Memes
46 Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce, is a cat and Internet celebrity known for her "grumpy" facial expression, and thus known by the common name Grumpy Cat.
47 Ima Firin Mah Lazor
48 Ha Gayyy!
49 Spooderman

He's a really funny Dolan character

50 Me Gusta

L UuUuUuUU l
l (<I>) L (<l>)
l _ _ l
l *********** l

(Its my horrible way to make a me gusta )

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1. Mama Luigi
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