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They are just too funny. I'm including real bands and youtube comedy bands!

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1 The Black Dahlia Murder The Black Dahlia Murder The Black Dahlia Murder is an American melodic death metal band from Waterford, Michigan, formed in 2001. Their name is derived from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as Black Dahlia.

When sober, they're funny. When stoned they're funny! Just watch Majesty and Fool Em' All and every interview, they are hilarious. Music may be serious, but those guys never are! - Mikbiter15

2 Abbath Doom Occulta Abbath Doom Occulta

He's so ridiculous! I love him! Funniest live performer of the modern day! In and out of Immortal! Who else would call themselves Donal Duck when introducing themselves in an interview?!?!? - Mikbiter15

3 Dethklok Dethklok Dethklok is both a virtual band featured in the Adult Swim animated program Metalocalypse and a real band created to perform the band's melodic death metal music in live shows. Both bands were created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. more.

Just watch metalocalypse, you'll know what I'm talking about! - Mikbiter15

4 Infant Annihilator Infant Annihilator

Who else would dry hump eachother in the woods? - Mikbiter15

5 Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative metal/metalcore (early) band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). more.

Especially Syn and The Rev when they were at a bar! - Mikbiter15


6 Alestorm Alestorm Alestorm is a heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result they have been dubbed a "pirate metal" band by many critics and their fanbase.
7 Trollfest

Folk metal from Norway - almost all songs are funny. Check out my list: Top 10 TrollfesT Songs - Metal_Treasure

8 Unearth Unearth Unearth is an American heavy metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 1998, the group has released six studio albums.

Although all of unearth is funny, Buz, BUZ! OH MY GOODNESS! - Mikbiter15

10 Cannabis Corpse Cannabis Corpse Cannabis Corpse is a marijuana-themed death metal band, formed in Virginia in 2006. Their band name is a parody of Cannibal Corpse. Cannabis Corpse songs are fully original but their album and song titles are parodies of many death metal bands' album and song titles (e.g. "Tube of the Resinated" vs more.

They play true death metal but here are some of their (parody) song titles:
I C** Bud, Reefer Stashed Place, Mummified in Bong Water, Addicted to Hash in a Tin, Skull Full of Bong Hits, I Will Smoke You, Gallery of Stupid High, Blaze of Torment, Dead by Bong - Metal_Treasure

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? God Forbid God Forbid

Watch their documentary! LOL! - Mikbiter15

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11 Pantera Pantera Pantera was a Heavy Metal band formed in 1981 by guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul. The group got into mainstream after changing from Glam Metal to Groove Metal. The band's most successful album is "Vulgar Display of Power". As the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, They more.

Pantera Home Videos, Hell Yeah! - Mikbiter15

12 Tenacious D Tenacious D Tenacious D is an American comedy rock duo that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1994. Composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Black and lead guitarist and vocalist Kyle Gass, the band has released three albums – Tenacious D, The Pick of Destiny and Rize of the Fenix.
13 Pinkly Smooth Pinkly Smooth

Syn and The Rev From A7X formed this band with such great and to be honest cheesy music, just look at their photos! - Mikbiter15

14 Tankard Tankard Tankard is a thrash metal band from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, founded in 1982. Along with the bands Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, Tankard is often considered one of the "The Big Teutonic Four" of Teutonic thrash metal.

German thrash metal band but almost all lyrics are about drinking, especially beer.
Songs: Rules For Fools, Die With A Beer in Your Hand, Need money for beer, Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life), R.I.B. (Rest In Beer), The Morning After,... - Metal_Treasure

15 Korpiklaani Korpiklaani
16 Devin Townsend Project Devin Townsend Project

Lucky Animals! - Mikbiter15

Someone needs to move him wayyy higher! - Mikbiter15

Thank You - Mikbiter15

17 Hevisaurus Hevisaurus

An actual heavy metal band for children!

18 Terasbetoni Terasbetoni Teräsbetoni is a Finnish power metal band formed in 2002. They got their first recording contract thanks to a petition, started by excited fans who wanted a recording contract for the band and sent it to several record companies. In 2008 Teräsbetoni represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest more.

Power/heavy metal from Finland. Not a parody band but some videos are funny - Missä Miehet Ratsastaa, Metalliolut - Metal_Treasure

19 Avatar Avatar
20 Steel Panther Steel Panther
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