Top 10 Funniest Minecraft Youtubers

This isn't about skill, it's about humor, thus shall the funniest Minecraft YouTube commentator win!

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1 SkyDoesMinecraft

His videos are very funny and entertaining and he makes great videos which makes me laugh when I'm feeling down. He's one of my favorites

He does not only concentrate on mods but he takes people on adventures.People who are not on minecraft can enjoy. I personally like the way he bursts into madness suddenly.

He is lover of budder! And hater of squids

Yeah he's very funny, for 8 year old kids who have a fetish for butter and despise squids for no reason, but for actually intelligent and sane people, he's a screaming idiot who hates squids

Actually, for intelligent people, he's a nice guy who just wants to upload content to entertain others. - PeeledBanana

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2 Stampylongnose

I like stampy cause he is very funny and entertaining to watch.. And I enjoy it that way he doesn't make viewers bored he makes the day filled with joy! And he doesn't swear! Go stampy I'm your number one fan and should be number one on this list!

You are super funny and when ever I am watching youtube videos I choose yours! Go stampy the funny cat!

Hi it's me again, Stamps you are very funny and sometimes I even run out of breath when I laugh because of you, you are very childish. But I like that anyway, and I'm the 9 year old girl at the top ten YouTubers. My name is Ashley. I hope the best for you and I promise I will watch your videos until they end, hopefully no ending but that's all I have to say bye love you I hope the best for you!

He is my favorite youtuber! and he is so awesome!

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3 SSundee

SSundee should be in the top 3 since he is a BOSS

He is funny I like his videos

Srsly he should be 3RD

Would rank him top 3 anytime of the day. Extremely funny, entertaining and dope videos daily! I would even say that his laughter can sometimes be funnier than the actual video!

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4 JeromeASF

The leader of the Bacca has all kinds of jokes that other YouTubers wouldn't ever think to use. He has such a unique sense of humor that in my opinion carry over others. Go Bacca! - mathboy44

He's the most bacalishis man ever

Its all about the man of the Bac axes for the win

Nice Posture

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5 TheDiamondMinecart

He is my favorite you tuber and he is awesome please shout me out in 1 of your videos Dan I have watched every single one of his mod videos, Xbox 360 videos and way more all of your games please put him as number one he is awesome

Thediamondminecart is AWESOME! His videos are hilarious and is great at giving you more ideas for mods to try out and servers to join. Vote Dan

He is the best Minecraft YouTubers he better than skydoesminecraft

I love him! He is so funny and cares about his fans! - BacklegoplanesProductions

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6 CaptainSparklez

He is hilarious and he makes me laugh every time he says a joke

Funny and awesome at hunger games even though he teams

He always has a way to make you laugh CAPTAINSPARKLEZ for the win

This should be higher than Sky and Stampy.

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7 TheBajanCanadian

He is really funny and always freaks out in the funniest ways ever. He also plays with some other extremely funny youtubers like jeromeASF. He also is on a streak for having the most amount of hunger games ever.

Christmas in a hole Hilarious

Mitch is so funny and deserves to be in the top 5! Even though he doesn't act like he used to a long time ago, he still is funny to his viewers. He does lots of goofy things to make us laugh or smile and always does funny commentary all the time during his videos.

Mitch is cool

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8 iballisticsquid

This guy is just awesome. Amen

He is the person 2 make your day turn good and he makes you laugh he is cute In real life and a funny personality only squid nugget can make my day bright!

He's an amazing guy who will make you laugh so much that you'll be crying. He always makes me laugh and is never a bore

This guy is wa some he will put a smile on your face

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9 Bodil40

Love yr laugh, Simon raging and destroying his keyboard


You are a nice youtuber

Bodils laugh cheers you up every time you hear it, if you were to see his trolling videos you laugh in explosion

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10 PopularMMOs

Very funny and somewhat serious at the same time funny which makes him very entertaining to watch!

Hilarious and does kool mod showcases he is beast!

Pat is the funniest dude ever and I just love his content! Should be number 1!

Populermmos should be number 1 because it is the best. And I love your videos Pat and Jen.

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The Contenders

11 ItsJerryAndHarry

I like toilet jokes so I laughed at their videos. Their videos have a lot of fart jokes but it's not as bad as Breadwinners. Haven't seen this channel for like a year so yeah - Lunala

They make hilarious skits and mod reviews. They're one of my favorite YouTubers no doubt.

He should at least be in the top three all his videos make me laugh!

I am glad Captain Sparkles and DanTDM are higher than this YouTuber. He makes videos that are about farting and annoying people.

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12 ExplodingTNT

He Is Awesome And Funny In Every Way His Skin Is TNT His Animations I Hope I Spelled Animations Right Anyways Those
Are Funny He Does Funny Stuff Just FUNNY So Please Vote
Or Just Like This Comment By Tylar The 1 Year Old
That's RIGHT I'M ONLY 1!

If a teacher played minecraft was halarious! Messes up at one part but funny like this part, Hello everyone today we will be learning all about circles. (SCREAMS) or We are back everyone so who is ready to learn! Nerd: ME!

He is so funny! I just discovered his YouTube channel about a week ago, and I really love watching his videos

Should be top 10

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Husky should be third his videos rock and he is totes hilarious

Why is Husky not further up? People, he is hillarious! I like the others just as much but Quentin needs to be closer to the top!

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14 IhasCupquake

She's hilarious in serious minecraft

I like it when she breaks out into song.

15 MinecraftUniverse

He is awesome

I love his mod reveies! I love them!

He awesome

16 The Yogscast

They have some logical jokes and funny ones not like sky's baby not funny jokes. Yogscast is the best of the best... AND NOT LIKE SKY BUTHURT KIDS FANS I MEAN COME ON. And by the way they are playing more games NOT just Minecraft! YOGSCAST MIGHT NOT BE 1 ONE BUT IT IS MINE NUMBER ONE REASON TO SMILE!

Should have been #1, they have been playing way before these other guys have. The biggest UK channel too.

They were the best back when they did survival series, now they just review mods and ply stupid adventure maps

Just yeah

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17 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

Because when he plays Minecraft he farts on people. It's actually a pretty entertaining video when he does that. Funniest guy on YouTube/Minecraft.

All of his videos are funny so his mine craft videos are no exception!

Funniest guy on YouTube

SuperMinecraftKid is slightly worse than this guy but still he screams on every single video.

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18 TheSyndicateProject

His random reactions in the lonely island survival series was funny as hell

This guy is the best and funniest by far. Love him!

Call of duty minecraft
This is ausome

His Mianite series is boss and he makes the best hashtags

19 DeadloxMC

He is really funny and always makes me smile

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20 CavemanFilms

He's makes you laugh every time keep up the good work!

The most coward minecraft youtuber

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