Top 10 Funniest Minecraft Youtubers

This isn't about skill, it's about humor, thus shall the funniest Minecraft YouTube commentator win!

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41 Thinknoodles

He is very funny (especially when he gets trolled by Kevin in Think's Lab).

Like his hunger games and lets play

He is always clean and good with making think's lab

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42 Graser10


His laugh makes me smile my butt off! Laugh out loud go team gra gra!

If you’re looking for someone who cracks the most random jokes every video, Graser is your go to!

He is hilarious and I loved it when in one of his Hunger games videos with Thinknoodles, they learned that buerre was butter in French and they started making fun of it. This guy HAS to be in the top 10 because of awesome commentary. <3 you Graser and keep up the funny commentary!

43 Rooster Teeth

I have a great respect for them and everyone in their company, there is simply too many to list and I think they should be pretty well known they were and are still really famous they were the first to introduced what we see on YouTube everyday they even created videos like we love now before YouTube even existed I love these people so much and everyone else don't realise what there are actually behind from some employees they have that may have played as your favorite actor or in a famous film and you not realise it. I will continue to love and watch them!

They make me laugh every day and they work their butts off to make content that we enjoy they know how to have a good time from their random quoting to their awesome jokes! They have been all over the things I love most in this world even how Michael now voices Sting in the Anime FairyTail, We all should love you dudes keep on being awesome!

HOW ARE THEY NOT FIRST? They are wonderful, they make a verity of games and shows and are partnered with some of the famous companies that everyone like with halo they even created Grifball for halo. they also are known for their wonderful machinima. they have changed my life in so many ways and no one could compare to them in my world even though I love the other Minecraft YouTubers like sky and Captainsparkelz, Skitscape and Antvenom and all their friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!

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44 WreckingBallHit
45 xRpMx13

He is awesome.
I love his morgan freeman voice

He's the best great Minecrafter

This'good looking gamer ' is funny and plays with unrreell utubers!

46 TBNRfrags

One of the best he play's with so much cool YouTubers

Preston is the best vote him you are plebs if you don't because he rules!

I watch all of his videos, he's so cute and funny.

he is cool

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47 AshDubh

AshDubh has 7.7K sub's but he deserves around 8 MILLION. He puts in so much effort. He looks at the comments and if someone suggests a game he will play it straight away. ALSO HE HAS NOT GOT THE GOLDEN PLAY BUTTON? He deserves it. My other favourite YouTubers:
1. DanTDM (TheDiamondMinecart) (14 million)
2. iBallisticSquid (5 million)
3. AshDubh (800k)
4. Preston Plays Minecraft (4 million)
5. UnspeakableGaming (2 million)
6. PinkSheep (1 million)
7. Thnxcya (1 million)
8. Think noodles (2 million)
9. ItsMooseCraft (600k)
10. Denis (3 million)

48 Smosh Games
49 TylarJohnPlaysMinecraft

Its Me I Plays With SkythekidRS (sky) And Other Peeps.

50 NettyPlays
51 PeteZahHutt

Aww man Pete is one of my favorite utubers he's down here ;-;

52 Dragon Axe

Who is this guy?

53 paulsoaresjr

He was the first person to make Minecraft videos on YouTube (besides a Mojang employee), and he deserves more attention. he is also hilarious, very good at surviving, does awesome series and is a great role model.

Underrated... I mean seriously watch his videos

He is my favourite... love his role-play series's

He's actually quite fnny

54 ChesseSolace
55 ChooChoosGaming

I think he's funny only when he's with squid well I've only seen him with squid

Funny and a great personality he whistles when he needs to swear but sometimes forgets ( I accept that)
He is one of de beast Irish utubers ever and Nevis unrrell

56 Parker_Games

Parker is a hilarious guy and deserves to be higher on the list. I love his videos

TOTALLY AWESOME! He is just so random and hilarious! Every video is funny! - HappyCantaloupeJedi

Funniest guy ever! If your having a bad day, he can cheer you up! Favorite YouTuber ever! - skatefan1


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57 PinkSheep

That voice always crack me up!

He's a robot and he is ugly

Yo whats up my prankster ganster

Boring. - Lunala

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58 Truemu

I like trueMU's mod reviews

He is already like 14th

I Like His Skin

59 Mr360Games

Most of this list is based of who has more subscribers! Like some of these people at the top aren't even funny. If you want to see funny...

He is way more funny than these guys. I mean, Skydoesminecraft? Why just because he has 5 million subscribers doesn't mean he is funnier than Dabble

He has very funny titles for his videos and when he, clash, and bodil play crazyness and trolling are sure to happen. BODIL40! Tropple. laugh out loud

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60 Setosorcerer

His fudgeingly awesome. To be honest, we have many things in common. Slthough he dun do vlogs n stuff so what. He entertains us. At least

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