Top 10 Funniest Minecraft Youtubers

This isn't about skill, it's about humor, thus shall the funniest Minecraft YouTube commentator win!

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61 LDShadowLady

I love watching her literally what is wrong with you people you mess up if you don't like her

Ldshadowlady should be in the top ten what the heck!

So cute and girly and funny!


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62 TeamCrafted

This is a group

63 Bashur

He is already on this list

Bashur is awesome n00bs

64 PauseUnpause
65 CarlousCraftDiamonds
67 Slamacow

Why isn't he in the top ten I love Dave and Bart there awesome

68 gizzy14gazza

He is awesome. I love his videos.

He talks in a funny way

69 Madmaker7

This guy is hilarious, should be number 1 for funniest - PrimativeSh0t

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70 Skitscape and Fawdz

Hilarious, never fails to make my day

These two are LEGENDARY together!

71 NoahCraftFTW

He's my friend in Minecraft on a server he's not that funny though

THIS GUY SHOULD 3rd OR 2nd Well Nobody Could Beat Sky Any Ways Not Talking About That Vote For This Guy Man But Intil You Do I Well Be Like This :(

72 Grapeapplesauce
73 EthosLab

Why isn't Etho on top 10? Best YTber, Makes people enjoy even though what he's doing is boring. Never swears, also have some childish and funny impressions so children who watches him is entertained as well (like playing with Penguins in FTB). In short, Etho is the best. THE END!

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74 TheAtlanticCraft

They are so funny I love their school series

You are my tied vote I love what you do on crazy craft

They talk about twerking a lot but apart from that they are awesome

75 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

"Sure he swears sometimes but, if you've seen some of his other videos Mark says nice things to the people who watch him be silly. Mark is very funny especially when he is with his YouTube friends."

Vote for Wilfred warfstache. He's the absolute best. Everyone loves him he's generous, funny, and one heck of a gamer.

Ho is he not 111111111111

76 Jacksepticeye

Sean should be in the top 5 jeez people

This should be number 1

He is very funny

Jacksepticeye makes me crack up those eive videos like O M G

77 XboxAddictionz

For older kids/adults. The people on there are very funny!

The master troller, his videos are so funny

Minecraft trolls aren't that bad because Minecraft is just a game and GOOD trollers like xboxaddiction, unstoppableluck, master of luck, etc only troll rude butthurt kids that swear a lot and try to act gangster.

Also Xbox saved a girl from a pedophile NO JOKE. - Lunala

Y is in the 80

78 PerpetualJordan
79 PoetPlays
80 Batclone

In his series Minecraft with mods there are some pretty funny moments!

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