Top 10 Funniest Modern Family Characters

The Top Ten

1 Phil Dunphy

Gotta fix that step! I love his klutziness, his toddler like behaviour, and best of all, how he always looks a the camera

He's one of the dumbest, which is why I love him

I love him, equal with gloria, claire and jay... These are my 4 favourites! A surprising sense of humour

He's just so stupid its funny. Love you Ty Burell!

2 Gloria Pritchett

She's awesome.

3 Jay Pritchett

I relate to him

4 Cameron Tucker
5 Mitchell Pritchett

Cam and Mitchel are so funny together. I love them both.

Mitchell is relatable and awesome!

6 Haley Dunphy
7 Luke Dunphy
8 Lily Tucker-Pritchett

She's so unfiltered and has the driest lines ever. Punchy diva in training. - theOpinionatedOne

9 Manny Delgado

Manny is such a boring character, and he's a creep.

How is Manny above Claire manny is so boring

Mannnys a creep, but that's what makes him funny! Stop hating on hi,m.

10 Dylan Marshall

Dylan is so stupid that he's hilarious. - MontyPython

And he writes the best songs! - Billyv

I love his horse song!

I saw an animal at the farm today
I wasn't surprised that it went neigh!

He's so stupid it's hilarius

The Contenders

11 Claire Dunphy

Claire's awesome, and hilarious, but please stop hating on manny

Manny is so boring Claire is so much better

12 Alex Dunphy
13 Pepper Saltzman
14 Stella
15 Larry

Don't really like him but ti is a character

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