Funniest Moments on Steve Terreberry's Video "How to Be Power Metal!"

I think this video is surprisingly accurate yet funny. Steve T correctly describes the genre of power metal and this makes the video useful. But he's also pretty funny. For these 2 reasons this video is one of my favorite YouTube videos about metal music.

In this video he writes a power metal song following some power metal rules related to music, lyrics and image.

Here are my favorite moments that include quotes/expressions or related demonstrations.

What are yours?

The Top Ten

1 Boot Camp / Booty Camp drum beat

How did he come up with this beat name? LOL. And the demonstration is not less creative. - Metal_Treasure

2 "If you can't hit those high notes, just squeeze your testiculars"
3 "Don't try adding some fancy words like banana or oven mitt"

This was suggested by IronSabbathPriest - thanks, man!
LOL, I can picture a power metal song with those "fancy" words:
Song title - Sweet Bananas In My Oven Mitt
Opening line - "Climbing up banana trees with my oven mitt"... - Metal_Treasure

4 "Every power metal song has to start off with the word 'Ah' "

His explanation and demonstration are awesome, one of the best moments.
Even though not every power metal song starts with "Ah", intro screams are pretty common. And he's right about the excellent vocal skills of the power metal singers. - Metal_Treasure

5 "Don't forget to write a lead guitar part that you can Irish-dance to"

Basically it's true and his demonstaration of Irish dancing to power metal guitar solos is funny - Metal_Treasure

6 "I've done videos for a lot of different genres of submetal. What? Let me try it again: I've done videos for a lot of different subgenres of metal"
7 "To do a power metal music video all you need is green screen and mythological, spacey, fantastical background. The idea here is maximum cheesiness."

The power metal cheesiness, LOL (source of many discussions in metal). - Metal_Treasure

8 "Don't try to get creative and put pop drum beats over power metal 'cause it just not gonna work"

I liked his dancing to power metal with pop drum beats, LOL - Metal_Treasure

9 "As long as you have long hair and are wearing clothes, you can be considered power metal"

True - you don't have to be naked!
It's also true that unlike black metal, power metal image doesn't need any specific outfits. - Metal_Treasure

10 "If you thought other metal genres gave you Carpal Tunnel from picking so much, oh wait until you play some power metal"

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11 "My long black fantastical eternal wig"
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1. Boot Camp / Booty Camp drum beat
2. "If you can't hit those high notes, just squeeze your testiculars"
3. "Don't try adding some fancy words like banana or oven mitt"


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