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21 Heihachi Hayashida played by Minoru Chiaki
22 Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carrey Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carrey

Sometimes I think Lloyd might be a little psychotic. Still, he's funny. You gotta love him!

23 The Black Knight played by John Cleese


Read that and tell me with a straight face that that ain't one of the best Death Threats you've ever heard!

24 Tahei played by Minoru Chiaki

He's a wimpy goof who screams like a woman.

25 Ricky Bobby played by Will Ferrell
26 Happy Gilmore played by Adam Sandler

"You're gonna die, clown! " I love that part. But he does get better and wins the gold jacket.

27 Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson
28 Richie Goodman played by David Spade

This guy is so cute! "Bad idea, too high, CALL 911! " - Bec

29 Harry Dunne played by Jeff Daniels

"I'm gonna kill you Lloyd." You gotta love Harry and Lloyd. They really are quite the pair.

30 Donkey played by Eddie Murphy
31 Madea played by Tyler Perry

My mom really likes her. But I can see why. You don't mess with Madea.

Shes so hilarious

32 The Joker played by Heath Ledger

Why so serious? What, did- did your balls fall off?... Hum?

33 Napolean Dynamite played by Jon Heder

Napoleon dynamite is the bomb. He is insanely funny. It is one of my favorite movies. Got for Pedro.

Tina you fat lard come get some dinner! LOL its retarded but hilarious!

34 Leslie Chow played by Ken Jeong

By far the funniest character ever!

35 Daffy Duck in Space Jam

daffy duck is the greatest comedian of all time

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36 Count Olaf played by Jim Carrey V 1 Comment
37 Steve Stifler played by Seann William Scott Steve Stifler played by Seann William Scott Steven "Steve" Stifler is one of the main characters from the "American Pie" movie series excluding its four spin-offs. He is portrayed by Seann William Scott. more.
38 Ernest P. Worrell played by Jim Varney

I love Ernest. He's so goofy but that's what makes him such a loveable character. He more than well deserves a spot on this list.

It makes me laugh every time Ernest goes eww! He needs to be higher people!

39 Uncle Buck played by John Candy
40 Daniel Hillard/Mrs Doubtfire played by Robin Williams

Dude (Looks Like a Lady) by Aerosmith fits this movie so well.

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