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21 The Grinch played by Jim Carrey The Grinch played by Jim Carrey The Grinch is a fictional character created by Dr. Seuss. He first appeared as the main character of the 1957 Christmas story How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Jim Carrey can make just about anything funny. Even Characters that weren't meant to be funny (Grinch, Count Olaf)

I can't think of anyone better to play the Grinch than Jim Carrey. He's a Comedy classic.

Dinner with me, can't cancel that again

22 Agent J played by Will Smith Agent J played by Will Smith Agent J is a fictional MIB agent in the film Men in Black, its sequels Men in Black II and Men in Black 3, and Men in Black: The Series.

He's the goofy guy from Men in Black

23 Chazz Michael Michaels played by Will Ferrell

WF's take on this character is what made Blades so funny, that and his chemistry with JH. Chazz is alternately disgusting, funny, charming, and offensive-and you can't help but love him, anyway.

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24 Heihachi Hayashida played by Minoru Chiaki
25 Officer Slater played by Bill Hader
26 Brick Tamland played by Steve Carell

Steve Carrel in his best form

Best Character in Anchorman

Love that guy

I love lamp

27 Tahei played by Minoru Chiaki

He's a wimpy goof who screams like a woman.

28 John "Bluto" Blutarsky played by John Belushi
29 Napolean Dynamite played by Jon Heder

Napoleon dynamite is the bomb. He is insanely funny. It is one of my favorite movies. Got for Pedro.

Tina you fat lard come get some dinner! LOL its retarded but hilarious!

30 The Mask played by Jim Carrey

This guy is a absolute great actor and I love the movie especially when he's in the mask

31 Victor played by Fred Armisen
32 Ricky Bobby played by Will Ferrell
33 Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson
34 Carl Spackler played by Bill Murray
35 Unokichi played by Yuu Fujiki

He's a wacky, hyperactive nuisance. You'll love him. - SourNote2014

36 The Black Knight played by John Cleese


Read that and tell me with a straight face that that ain't one of the best Death Threats you've ever heard!

37 Paul Blart played by Kevin James
38 Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carrey Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carrey

Sometimes I think Lloyd might be a little psychotic. Still, he's funny. You gotta love him!

39 Richie Goodman played by David Spade

This guy is so cute! "Bad idea, too high, CALL 911! " - Bec

40 Madea played by Tyler Perry

My mom really likes her. But I can see why. You don't mess with Madea.

Shes so hilarious

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