Top 10 Funniest Music Artist Name Combinations


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1 The Rolling Corpses (The Rolling Stones + Cannibal Corpse)

That actually sounds pretty good. - Catacorn

2 Rage Against the Goatwhore (Rage Against the Machine + Goatwhore)
3 Barenaked Weird Al (Barenaked Ladies + Weird Al Yankovic)

Thank you for that unforgettable vision. - PositronWildhawk

4 Nine Inch Brain Cells (Nine Inch Nails + Dead Brain Cells)

I shall still be laughing about this into tomorrow! - Britgirl

5 Tom Petty and the Pig Destroyers (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers + Pig Destroyer)
6 Alice In Pearl Jam (Alice In Chains + Pearl Jam)
7 Guns N Corpses (Guns N Roses + Cannibal Corpse)
8 Anal Blast Rhapsody (Anal Blast + Rhapsody)
9 Trolls As Leaders (Trollfest + Animals As Leaders)
10 Goat Slayer (Goatwhore + Slayer)

The Contenders

11 Theater of the Stone Age (Dream Theater + Queens of the Stone Age)
12 Strapping Young Mastodon (Strapping Young Lad + Mastodon)

It was probably a fabulous-looking Mastodon before they all died. - Merilille

13 The Marilyn Manson Experience (The Jimi Hendrix Experience + Marilyn Manson)
14 Rage Against The Lounge Kittens (Rage Against The Machine + The Lounge Kittens)

Looks good. - DynastiSugarPop

15 The Sex Experience (The Sex Pistols and The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
16 Sex Day (Sex Pistols and Green Day)
17 The Rolling Park (The Rolling Stones + Linkin Park)
18 Thirty Seconds to Boston (Thirty Seconds to Mars + Boston)
19 Arctic Red Hot Chili Peppers (Arctic Monkeys + Red Hot Chili Peppers)
20 Pistols N' Roses (Sex Pistols + Guns N' Roses)
21 Bob Marley and the Sick Puppies (Bob Marley and the Wailers + Sick Puppies)
22 DragonForce Mode (DragonForce + Depeche Mode)
23 Frank Zappa and All-American Rejects (Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention + All-American Rejects)
24 Suicidal Children of Sodom (Suicidal Tendencies + Children of Bodom + Sodom)
25 Asking Benjamin (Asking Alexandria + Breaking Benjamin)
26 The Rolling Beatles (The Rolling Stones + The Beatles)
27 Blind Sex Guardian (Blind Guardian + The Sex Pistols)

Thank you Britgirl for adding this! - Metal_Treasure

28 Beatles And The Ants (The Beatles + Adam and The Ants)
29 Sex And Roses (The Sex Pistols + Guns n Roses)

I like it. Thanks to whoever added this. How about Guns N Sex? - Metal_Treasure

30 Bowling For Madness (Bowling For Soup + Madness)
31 Green Corpse (Green Day + Cannibal Corpse)
32 My Chemical Attack (My Chemical Romance + Attack Attack)
33 Greenplay (Green Day + Coldplay)
34 Twenty One Swifts (Twenty One Pilots + Taylor Swift)
35 Five Seconds of Pilots (Five Seconds of Summer + Twenty One Pilots)
36 Deadmoby5 (deadmau5 + Moby)

I guess Pos was here. Thanks for this addition Pos. - Metal_Treasure

37 Avril In Chains (Avril Lavigne + Alice In Chains)

This sounds good. Thanks to whoever added it. - Metal_Treasure

38 Chainshmurdas (The Chainsmokers + Bobby Shmurda)
39 Childish Summer (Childish Gambino + 5 Seconds of Summer)

Haha, nice! - Metal_Treasure

40 Pierce the Horizon (Pierce The Veil and Bring Me He Horizon)
41 Twenty One Shmurda (twenty one pilots + Bobby Shmurda)
42 Snoop Pilots (Snoop Dogg + twenty one pilots)
43 Lukas' Child (Lukas Graham + Destiny's Child)
44 Cannibal Park (Cannibal Corpse + Linkin Park)
45 Cannibal Day (Cannibal Corpse + Green Day)
46 Sex Queen (Sex Pistols + Queen)
47 The Rolling Benjamin (The Rolling Stones + Breaking Benjamin)
48 Three Corpses Grace (Three Days Grace + Cannibal Corpse)
49 Three Suicidal Whore (Three Days Grace + Suicidal Tendencies + Goatwhore)
50 Blood! At the Disco (Blood on the Dance Floor and Panic! At the Disco)
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1. The Rolling Corpses (The Rolling Stones + Cannibal Corpse)
2. Rage Against the Goatwhore (Rage Against the Machine + Goatwhore)
3. Tom Petty and the Pig Destroyers (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers + Pig Destroyer)


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