Funniest My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes

Some of these, honestly, had me cracking up on the ground.

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1 Lesson Zero

Twilight's insanity. First off, she makes a Jeff the Killer face. Priceless. And her warped theme in the episode is also funny. A must see. - BronySyndrome

Clock is ticking, Twilight...
Clock. Is. TICKING!

Oh. My. God! This episode is so funny and psycho! Look at Twilight, she is so @#$%&! Just because she can't find a friendship problem, she turned into a crazy maniac and try to make a BIG & WORSE problem! Twilight fans must be shocked when they watch this!

Friendship: Well, I hate my job.

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2 Rarity Investigates

It was funny when Rarity was wearing this old time outfit and was flirting with the guards. And also when Rainbow Dash was like: "I'm so DEAD! They are going to kick me out of the Wonderbolts! Blah blah blah".

Go home Sherlock Holmes, you drunk.

The noir parody was brilliant.


3 Party of One

I loved how this episode showed that peoples or should I say ponies, emotions can change from thing s like rumors or lies, or it could be the fact that pinkie pie is my favorite pony

Derpish Pinkie, priceless faces.. Can't go wrong with this. - BronySyndrome

Both a funny and touching episode. Pinkie is a good character, though not my favorite (Rarity for the win)

Friendship: That Pink Annoying Pony was ugh!

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4 The Last Roundup

This is without question, the funniest. It has Derpy (WHO TALKS! ) Hilarious figments, and things that have haunted my dreams. - BronySyndrome

Why is this episode so high?! There are way funnier episodes and this one had a few funny moments, but not more than lots of other episodes. It's probably so high because of Derpy..

Pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat, CHIMICHERRYCHANGA! That is one of my favourite scenes of the entire show!

The Derpy part of this episode is pointless, annoying filler.

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5 MMMystery on the Friendship Express

What can I say? Pinkie gets her rare occasion to have an episode, and she took the cake with this one. - BronySyndrome

I love this episode Pinkie Pie is amazing! It was a shame when Twilight Sparkle came in and made it a bit boring. Not to be rude but Twilight just doesn't understand Pinkie's sense of humour. Twilight made the middle bit of the episode a bit boring and turned it into one long boring lesson.

It's actually one of my favorite episodes its actually really funny

5?! REALLY?! This should be 1!

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6 Pinkie Apple Pie

I think is no doubt that this episode is the funniest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Those selfies going down the waterfall

That last selfie on the waterfall

7 Bridle Gossip

I love the humor in this episode! The mane six having to deal with their curses had me laughing, but I was cracking up at flutterguy!

I actually prefer their belief in curses as humor, but Flutterguy is fine.

Even if I don't like this episode that doesn't mean I don't find it funny. MLP is spot on with the comedy and Bridle Gossip is no exception (Main example: FlutterGuy).


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8 Maud Pie

From a show where I think I've chuckled maybe twice in the whole series and groan in agony at the terrible jokes more often than not, I was surprised to find myself legitimately laughing pretty hard at most of the jokes in the episode. I still crack up every time I hear Maud's poem.

One of the best, The first episode where Maud Pie appears, who is one of my favorite ponies in the whole series. Her "Enthusiasm" for doing everything is overwhelming, it is mostly centered around Pinkie Pie (My favorite pony, Rainbow is my second) and all in all my favorite episode!

We all know Maud sounds like Raven from the Teen Titans, plus the dry humor in this episode has some of the shows funniest jokes.

No I hate maud.

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9 The Saddle Row Review

This should be in the top 10! One of the funniest episodes in the whole series! Twilight's dance remix about sweeping is still stuck in my head! - TexasBro93


In my opinion the funniest one yet.
The humor was just way too good, but I guess it's more of a hit or miss.

10 Wonderbolts Academy

Ponies:good luck rainbow
Rainbow:Thanks, I won't need it, - ravenmoon12

This episode sucks. Rainbow Dash was really unreasonable in this episode and sort of annoying. Lightning Dust was simply pushing herself harder, so no wonder she was lead pony!

Ugh I hate this episode. Its just that Rainbow dash acts like its all about her " May I just ask why Lighting dust is lead pony instead of me? " Its pathetic.

It was awful, especially the ending.

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11 Slice of Life

BEST EP! AND the doctor who reffs nearly killed me

This episode is so funny and so strange 😂The gummi monologue though 😂

�� just funny


12 Stare Master

Fluttershy at her best. - airplain313

13 Hearth's Warming Eve

This episode just cracks me up! - rainbowdashrules

Pinkie is so hilarious! Applejack's sarcasm, rock on! Fluttershy jumping into Rainbow! This is getting old. rarity riding twilight! Enough said.

"I can think outside the box, so I can also think inside the chimney. Can you think inside the chimney? "


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14 It's About Time

First off: Metal Gear Solid, much? This one is also funny. Not the funniest, OH NO. But a good one as well.. - BronySyndrome

My favorite episode of the show

It's because Twilight get abused! I hate that bitch.

15 Rarity Takes Manehattan

Rarity episodes are my favorite! She always shines in her episodes and her dramatic scenes are very funny! She's probably the funniest pony right after Pinkie Pie (hell, I'd say she's funnier than Pinkie, because she can be funny without annoying gags). Rarity is a great character in general, definitely my favorite.

Like Applejack's, Rarity's episodes are rubbish without another member of the mane six involved, Rarity is too snobby and prissy!

Uh... me? And it wasn't that funny

Rarity is kind of a bitch in this one

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16 A Royal Problem


17 Magical Mystery Cure

All I Ned to say is that, although the songs here cover over half the song list, they're very memorable. (Minus Princess Twilight Sparkle)

This episode is kind of sad

Love THIS CRAP! 1! 1! 1!

18 Road to Friendship
19 Too Many Pinkie Pies

Take the funniest character in the whole series, make about 15 copies of her, and let them all loose on a defenseless Ponyville. Nothing but gold!

Pinkie Pie is my favourite pony and singer! I love this episode! Who wouldn't?

Yeah this episode is awesome.

I Laughed Over 100 Times
Not Joking - JPK

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20 Rock Solid Friendship
21 Sonic Rainboom

YAY! Laugh out loud

22 Simple Ways

When rarity tried to pull off a country accent it was a total fail!

This episode doesn't belong here. Because Applejack and Rarity are the jerks!

This episode really shows how great of a voice actor Tabitha St. Germain is.

Friendship: Hold up! That white one wanted ME to solve her problem about LOVE TRIANGLES? Seriously! Love? This is not what I signed for. This is bull.

White: Hi, ya'll.

Friendship: Doh!

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23 Sleepless in Ponyville

Rainbow comments to Scootaloo is there a bug in here? Not the funniest scene, but I liked it.

"Here branches branches branches! "

24 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

I loved how accurate Pinkie Pie rapping was to normal rap (minus all the swearing)

Needs to be put on at least the top ten - Cupkake

This needs to be #1!

25 Pinkie Pride

Pinkie is my favourite pony and party planner! She is an excellent singer better than Rarity and Fluttershy her voice is full of joy! How could you not love this episode?

How can someone not like this episode?! Only if you hate music... This episode is just fantastic.

Watch it and you'll know what I mean.

Funniest moment is when cheese Sandwich sings pinkie pies song lol

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26 The Best Night Ever

This episode was really funny, especially Rarity's side where she is expected to cater to her prince while he acts selfish and haughty. I also think Fluttershy was hysterical with what she was doing to try and capture those animals. And when she chased them into the gala and screams "You are GOING TO LOVE MEE! " I couldn't help but shriek with laughter when the animals went and destroyed the gala as well.

Forest God: Oh crap, that yellow horse was at it again!



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27 Castle-Mania

I was laughing SO HARD during this episode, it's just as funny as any adult comedy T.V. show.

28 Games Ponies Play
29 A Friend in Deed

The donkey is bald!

30 Dungeons and Discords
31 Brotherhooves Social

Big Mac pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire. That is all.

This episode was so funny...I can't even--

Friendship: GAAAYY!

32 Applebuck Season

I love this episode! Applejack was hilarious! She killed me in the whole episode!

Applejacks episodes are boring I don't like this one!

Applejack episodes are usually boring

Makes my dayy

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33 The Return of Harmony Part 2

It is so funny! I love seeing Fluttershy act all rude!

"Discord turned the roads into soap! " LOL

It's REALLY funny! Go Discord!

Just...Discord. Need I say more?

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34 Power Ponies

The Maniac is truly a maniac. The last scene where she's tied up in her own hair and is rolling around in it really freaked me out. I swear I saw her eye twitch.

Oh, this episode. I simply love it! The Mane-Iac is one of my new favorite characters. How can you not love this crazy mare? Flutterhulk was amazing, and this is probably the best Spike episode

35 Every Little Thing She Does

Hypnotized Mane 5 Was Funny But VERY Creepy At The Same Time - JPK

36 Your Color Isn't Green

Um yeah it's called green isn't your color not your color isn't green.

37 A Dog and Pony Show

Rarity - "But I Thought You Wanted Whining! " - JPK

38 Three's a Crowd

Hilarious, every line from Discord is gold.

39 The Mysterious Mare Do Well

This should not be on the list. This is the worst episode ever and everything is bad about this episode. Enough said

Boring gross unfunny TRASH

Ugh I hate this epsoide Rainbow Dash isn't being herself cool and relaxed

This episode is extremly hated bye gans

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40 Filli Vanilli

This should not be on the list. Everything went wrong with this episode.

This episode was unfunny.

I thought this episode make me cry.

I don't understand the hate for this episode. The song was good and it was enjoyable in general.
Probably those annoying Fluttershy fans who get angry at any pony who makes her upset.

41 All Bottled Up

This episode owes it all to Trixie. Her attitude can be aggravating at times, but she was the perfect foil for Starlight here. Trixie steals the show in every scene she's in.

42 Keep Calm and Flutter On

May not be an objectively good episode, but the comedy really shines through (especially Discord trolling Fluttershy's Stare).

43 Winter Wrap Up

Now this is worthless garbage!

44 Friendship Is Magic, Part 1

I loved when Twilight said "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY! " Fast-forward to Lesson Zero...

Its funny when she says "i ate too much pie"

45 Secret to my Excess

I like this episode (not as my favorite) because I think it is cute that spike gets kissed by rarity for the first time and then I find it funny when twilight chases spike because the kiss mark was all green and moldy so she wanted to clean it up #classic yet funny

It wasn't funny until the mane six came in. Twilights dancing, Applejack's weeding! Priceless!

That's... Sweet And Elite. Secret Of My Excess is the one where Spike becomes a giant dragon...

This episode was so damn cute, it made me cry! Rarity kisses Spike, that's what I have been waiting for! - airplain313

Sparity all the way, y'all!

46 Baby Cakes
47 Somepony to Watch Over Me

I love this episode.

Every one complains about applejack being boring, This is the first time AJ was so hilarious, and everone hates this episode?

48 Make New Friends But Keep Discord

Discord was at his best in this episode. The insane amount of references in this episode was hilarious in its own right, but Celestia's positive attitude at the end about having invited Discord to the gala (because of/despite all the mayhem he caused), Twilight's reaction to Celestia's above-mentioned positive attitude, and Pinkie Pie absolutely shattering the fourth wall were what made this episode one of the funniest in the series.

Discord: You're supposed to say "who's there"! It's the most basic of jokes!
Maud: YOU'RE the most basic of jokes.

Discord: "I can still fly better than Twilight Sparkle! "
Celestial laughs.
Twilight: "Hey! "

"Radicall to meet yoouuu. Really digging your vibe."

49 Putting Your Hoof Down

This episode was very funny (Iron Will! ), but why did she have to make Rarity and Pinkie cry? I kind of dislike Fluttershy sometimes, since she's incredibly gullible and seems to not learn anything from her episodes. Rarity and Pinkie are both better characters than her..

Also, guy below me, how can you call yourself a Brony when you laugh at Fluttershy making them cry and calling them useless.

Fluttershy tries to grow up a spine, and goes a bit too far. Great concept, and I like the harsh truths she says to Pinkie Pie and Rarity. My favorite line in the entire episode:

"I can't believe that the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell new Fluttershy how to live her life when they are throwing their own lives away on pointless pursuits that nopony else gives a flying feather about! "

Finally someone tells to Pinkie Pie that her preoccupation with parties is not beneficial.

Woooho This episode is just priceless you go Flutters

3rd funniest episode ever!,

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50 One Bad Apple

Pinkie pie: veggie salad!
CMC: huh?
Pinkie pie: VEGGIE SALAD!

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