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41 Keep Calm and Flutter On

May not be an objectively good episode, but the comedy really shines through (especially Discord trolling Fluttershy's Stare).

42 Friendship Is Magic, Part 1

I loved when Twilight said "All the ponies in this town are CRAZY! " Fast-forward to Lesson Zero...

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43 Secret to my Excess

I like this episode (not as my favorite) because I think it is cute that spike gets kissed by rarity for the first time and then I find it funny when twilight chases spike because the kiss mark was all green and moldy so she wanted to clean it up #classic yet funny

It wasn't funny until the mane six came in. Twilights dancing, Applejack's weeding! Priceless!

That's... Sweet And Elite. Secret Of My Excess is the one where Spike becomes a giant dragon...

This episode was so damn cute, it made me cry! Rarity kisses Spike, that's what I have been waiting for! - airplain313

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44 Somepony to Watch Over Me

I love this episode.

Every one complains about applejack being boring, This is the first time AJ was so hilarious, and everone hates this episode?

45 Make New Friends But Keep Discord

Discord was at his best in this episode. The insane amount of references in this episode was hilarious in its own right, but Celestia's positive attitude at the end about having invited Discord to the gala (because of/despite all the mayhem he caused), Twilight's reaction to Celestia's above-mentioned positive attitude, and Pinkie Pie absolutely shattering the fourth wall were what made this episode one of the funniest in the series.

Discord: You're supposed to say "who's there"! It's the most basic of jokes!
Maud: YOU'RE the most basic of jokes.

Discord: "I can still fly better than Twilight Sparkle! "
Celestial laughs.
Twilight: "Hey! "

"Radicall to meet yoouuu. Really digging your vibe."

46 Putting Your Hoof Down

This episode was very funny (Iron Will! ), but why did she have to make Rarity and Pinkie cry? I kind of dislike Fluttershy sometimes, since she's incredibly gullible and seems to not learn anything from her episodes. Rarity and Pinkie are both better characters than her..

Also, guy below me, how can you call yourself a Brony when you laugh at Fluttershy making them cry and calling them useless.

Woooho This episode is just priceless you go Flutters

I love this epsoide especially the bit where Pinkie and Rarity cried I hate them both HAHAAHAHA

Fluttershy tries to grow up a spine, and goes a bit too far. Great concept, and I like the harsh truths she says to Pinkie Pie and Rarity. My favorite line in the entire episode:

"I can't believe that the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell new Fluttershy how to live her life when they are throwing their own lives away on pointless pursuits that nopony else gives a flying feather about! "

Finally someone tells to Pinkie Pie that her preoccupation with parties is not beneficial.

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47 One Bad Apple V 1 Comment
48 The Return of Harmony Part 1

The line from AppleJack "I got a bad feeling about this feller Discord had screeching with laughter!

49 A Canterlot Wedding
50 Winter Wrap Up
51 Feeling Pinkie Keen

Though moral was lame, some of the jokes made me burst out laughing.

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52 Baby Cakes
53 Rainbow Falls
54 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
55 The Cutie Map

You can't have a nightmare, if you never dream.

56 Hurricane Fluttershy V 2 Comments
57 Scare Master
58 The Cutie Re-Mark
59 Party Pooped

While the Yak characters were pretty weak, this episode had more hilarious jokes flying faster than any other. From Pinkie Pie becoming Ringo Starr to Twilight's fear of quesadillas to the yaks' devotion to the balance of vanilla extract, these jokes had me laughing the whole time.

60 Fall Weather Friends

When Rainbow Dash Called Twilight Sparkle An Egghead, I Died Laughing - JPK

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