Top Ten Funniest Nerdy Insults

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I'd ask which elements you're made of but I know you can't count to the atomic numbers.

You don't need atomic numbers to name the elements so...

Feeling blue? We can shift that by moving away from you.

I've used this on someone I know. The reaction wasn't pretty. - PositronWildhawk

Well this is really a funny and interesting list, Pos.!
So what about feeling red? Probably move closer, I guess. - Kiteretsunu

Your skull's like a black hole. No matter how big it is, it's infinitely dense.

Gotta admit, I think I'd take this as a compliment if someone said it to me. Which makes it an even better insult... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

Your mind is like a top quark. Small, slow, basically impossible to observe, and decays in an instant.

Haha! This is so insulting! What should I say if anyone says that to me?! I'd be stumped... Or maybe "Same to you! "?
Nice list, Posron! I loved the items in the middle... Bye! - HezarioSeth

Your mind is like a superfluid; it can only occupy one state.

You can start by pausing at "superfluid", so they think it's a compliment. - PositronWildhawk

Why is there so much pressure on your mind? It's because it's a slow-moving fluid.
Time runs more quickly for me when I'm not near you.

Ouch! I wonder how that'll go over.

Ouch! That hurts! Funny though. Luckily no one has said this to me. Yet... - Britgirl

Whoa Ouch but wow is this one good! - Curti2594

I get good things from you like I do with radio photons. At low frequencies and in low quantised amount.
The function of any conversation I have with you equals r^2. It's a continuous circle.

F (x)= r^2 is a parabola not a circle... So its technically a compliment.

You're like a frustum. No head and no point.

The frustum is the part left over from a cone when you make a horizontal cut. - PositronWildhawk

Very smart to say to an idiot because they would look like what what the heck is a frusrum

The Contenders

My life is an equation that I would like to subtract you from

Boy. This is gold.

Lol I'm going to use it on my dick

Your life is a complex number without any reality. You can only dream your pathetic imaginary world.

Daydreamig and feeling yourself detached from reality, my friend? - Kiteretsunu


You are an ineffably corpulent microphallus and a cesspool of sub human filth

I enjoy this one

You are so ugly that Abe Lincoln said a house divided is prettier then you
How are you and an appendix similar? You're both useless.

Did I do well?

What do a neutrino and I have in common? We're both constantly penetrating your mother.

That insulting towards other people's Mums.

It's a rhetorical question
If laughter is medicine, your face will cure the world
Dumbass stop looking for the end of pi
Your ears are like a digestive system; whatever you are told goes in through one ear and right out the other

Did I do fair enough?

Hey man, you should contact your doctor. The levels of sodium in your body are frighteningly high.

This one is to conquer salty peeps.

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