Top Ten Funniest Nerdy Insults

The Top Ten Funniest Nerdy Insults

1 I'd ask which elements you're made of but I know you can't count to the atomic numbers.

You don't need atomic numbers to name the elements so...

2 Feeling blue? We can shift that by moving away from you.

I've used this on someone I know. The reaction wasn't pretty. - PositronWildhawk

Well this is really a funny and interesting list, Pos.!
So what about feeling red? Probably move closer, I guess. - Kiteretsunu

3 Your skull's like a black hole. No matter how big it is, it's infinitely dense.

Gotta admit, I think I'd take this as a compliment if someone said it to me. Which makes it an even better insult... - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

4 Your mind is like a top quark. Small, slow, basically impossible to observe, and decays in an instant.

Haha! This is so insulting! What should I say if anyone says that to me?! I'd be stumped... Or maybe "Same to you! "?
Nice list, Posron! I loved the items in the middle... Bye! - HezarioSeth

5 Your mind is like a superfluid; it can only occupy one state.

You can start by pausing at "superfluid", so they think it's a compliment. - PositronWildhawk

6 Why is there so much pressure on your mind? It's because it's a slow-moving fluid.
7 Time runs more quickly for me when I'm not near you.

Ouch! I wonder how that'll go over.

Ouch! That hurts! Funny though. Luckily no one has said this to me. Yet... - Britgirl

Whoa Ouch but wow is this one good! - Curti2594

8 I get good things from you like I do with radio photons. At low frequencies and in low quantised amount.
9 The function of any conversation I have with you equals r^2. It's a continuous circle.

F (x)= r^2 is a parabola not a circle... So its technically a compliment.

10 You're like a frustum. No head and no point.

The frustum is the part left over from a cone when you make a horizontal cut. - PositronWildhawk

Very smart to say to an idiot because they would look like what what the heck is a frusrum

The Contenders

11 My life is an equation that I would like to subtract you from

Boy. This is gold.

Lol I'm going to use it on my dick

12 Your life is a complex number without any reality. You can only dream your pathetic imaginary world.

Daydreamig and feeling yourself detached from reality, my friend? - Kiteretsunu


13 You are an ineffably corpulent microphallus and a cesspool of sub human filth

I enjoy this one

14 You are so ugly that Abe Lincoln said a house divided is prettier then you
15 How are you and an appendix similar? You're both useless.

Did I do well?

16 What do a neutrino and I have in common? We're both constantly penetrating your mother.

That insulting towards other people's Mums.

17 It's a rhetorical question
18 If laughter is medicine, your face will cure the world
19 Dumbass stop looking for the end of pi
20 Your ears are like a digestive system; whatever you are told goes in through one ear and right out the other

Did I do fair enough?

21 Hey man, you should contact your doctor. The levels of sodium in your body are frighteningly high.

This one is to conquer salty peeps.

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