Funniest Parts of the Movie Tommy Boy

The Top Ten

1 Fat Guy In A Little Coat

The director actually got that idea from the movie's editor william kerr.

2 Why I Suck As A Salesman

"I'm like jojo, the idiot circus boy! " That line always gets me.

3 I Love You The Most (Saying Goodbye To College)

I thought he was gonna kiss him at first.

4 I've Got A Plan
5 Star Wars In The Fan Lalaluke

My favorite part of the movie.

6 Kung Fu Roter Fight
7 Favorite Little Rascal
8 Prehistoric Forest

Really nice store in the movie. I wish it could exist in real life.

9 Housekeeping
10 Here Comes The Meat Wagon

The Contenders

11 You better pray to The God of Skinny Punks!

Oh my gosh yes! This deserves to be higher!

12 My Pretty Little Pet
13 Your Brain Has the Shell On It
14 Fan blows against Richard to reveal He's bald
15 Cow tipping
16 Tommy trying to make it to Elementary School
17 Tommy in the Aircraft Lavatory
18 Airline Safety
19 The Guarantee Fairy
20 My Whole Life Sucks!
21 Get Out of The Car! It's Go Time!
22 What did You do?
23 Tommy and Richard singing Songs by The Carpenters

Am I the only one who thought that this was hilarious?

24 "Bees! Bees! Bees in The Car!"
25 A Lot of People go to College for 7 Years
26 Brothers don't shake Hands, Brothers gotta Hug!

Lol I thought I was the only one who thought that was hilarious!

27 Eres Tu!
28 I'm A Maniac!
29 You no selling Waste of Space!
30 These Shoes are Italian. They're worth more Than Your Life
31 Tommy Passes Out On the Table
32 Tommy Trying to Pump Gas
33 "Richard, I'm so happy. Hold me."
34 "Aw That sounds good. Melted chocolate inside the dash. That really ups the resale value."
35 Ketchup Popsicle
36 Tommy flips off Richard
37 Herbie Hancock
38 Tommy collapses on the table
39 "Look out. I've got catlike speed and reflexes."
40 "And that's when the whores come in."
41 "Ugh. I can actually hear you getting fatter."
42 "We don't take no for an answer"
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