Funniest Paw Patrol Characters

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1 Marshall

He makes puns sometimes.

Marshall is so funny. Can someone please tell me who is Marshall 's best friend please. Marshall is my favourite pup.

I truly love Marshall he is my favourite funny and clumsy pup in paw patrol!

Kiss him

2 Skye

I hate haters of skye there are so stupid cassie from dragon tales haters are way better skye the best pup ever whoever hate her is stupid

Love her. Lets take to the skye. what's better than a cockapoo puppy.

Super UNFUNNY. Seriously? She is easily the most annoying and boring character in the show.

Skye is smoked

3 Zuma

He's awesome and he says epic that has got to count for something

4 Everest
5 Chase

I want chase voice season 2-4 max callabernos back so his stomach can growl

Even though I really like Chase but for the funniest character I choose Marshall

It is a watchdog, so it protects the rear

Marshall should be number one, Cap' N Turbot should be number two, and Chas should move down to number three.

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6 Rocky

I do not really like water. Rocky is sooo cute

His sense of humor is funny since he's pretty clever, he's also quite charming.

I would vote Marshall, but I need to say that I also have aquaphobia ( Fear of water)

7 Sweetie
8 Rubble

Rubble is not funny

Rubbles not very funny

9 Cali

Best character! She hasn't been in much recently but yes!

10 Ryder

Getting lick by the paw patrol

The Contenders

11 Alex
12 Katie

She's not funny at all.

He is not funny

Katie is not funny at all

13 Crazy Ryder


Seriously? There is no crazy Ryder. Ryder is not crazy


14 Mandy the Monkey

Should be 1!

15 Smiley
16 Mayor Humdinger

A really funny villain. - girlcool

17 Robo Dog
18 Cap'n Turbot

Everything about the Cap'n is very funny! He is my favorite character!

19 Mr Porter

He makes me laugh!

Mr porter can sometimes be funny

20 Chickaletta
21 Carlos
22 Cat Skye
23 Cat Chase
24 Dimensional Ryder

Based on the season 4 finale Ryder the warrior based on shadow the hedgehog

25 Francois
26 Jake
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