Funniest People In Vanoss's YouTube Crew

Vanoss post the most funniest videos on YouTube but most of the comedy comes from his friends which one is the most funniest in you opinion in the crew (including Vanoss)

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1 H20 Delirious

He is the funny guys ever! Love him and the other

He is the funniest and has an amazing voice and laugh he also is very mysterious and has funny quotes

His voice is unique and his laugh is hysterical. He's like the child of the crew - Mcgillacuddy

The best guyyy

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I love I AM WILDCAT! He always make me laugh

The only one that doesn't force funny. All natural. All insane.

Wildcat is super funny his videos always make me laugh
- Samantha


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3 Dathi de Nogla

He's funny because he acts silly and his Grand Theft Auto character wears diapers and has the face of a bulldog Lol.

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4 Vanoss

Vanoss to me isn't funny I hate the dude he's the only one I hate everybody I like but delirious yeah he deserves to be number 1

He always puts the right sound effects at the right time!

Vanoss is the funniest then delirious

How is he not 1? - venomouskillingmachine

5 Mini Laddd V 1 Comment
6 BasicallyIdoWrk

Come on down to the Olive Garden and get some free breadsticks, Basically for the win

7 Lui Calibre

Love his voice! Luigi president

8 Terroriser

He makes me laugh every time! His rage and imitation moments are the best.

Makes the best voices ever

Terminator is hilarious! Get to the Choppa! Yaa! Yaa!

9 Cartoonz
10 Ohm Wrecker

I find him in hilarious

The Contenders

11 BigJigglyPanda

There is almost never a moment where he doesn't make me laugh.

12 Moo Snuckel V 1 Comment
13 sp00n
14 Racing Catz
15 SMii7Y

He's so funny, I couldn't even breathe once from watching one of his videos.

His Mario Kart funtages are amazing

16 SilentDroidd

You gotta love his one liners.

17 fourzer0seven
18 Mr. Sark
19 Chilled Chaos

He doesn't play with him too much but when he does I find him absolutely hysterical!

20 Wedgie Monster
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1. H20 Delirious
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1. H20 Delirious
3. Dathi de Nogla

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