Funniest Places to Do Spontaneous Twerking


The Top Ten

1 In The Library

Why not? You get fed up with study... You stand up and suddenly shake what momma gave ya! - Britgirl

And there's a book about twerking.

2 In A Doctor's Surgery

Careful doing this here though. The good doctor may think you're having a fit and sedate you! - Britgirl

3 In A Shopping Queue
4 Boarding a Bus

Beats the usual way to board a bus I guess. Just make sure you don't hit the face of the person behind you when you step up on the platform... - Britgirl

5 At A First 'Meet The Parents' Meeting

This could make or break the first impression. Hey! Just put it down to nerves! - Britgirl

Laugh out loud! It would be... Interesting.

6 At A Job Imterview
7 In Front Of Your Boss

The boss may get shocked, paralysed or speechless. Well, nonetheless, we should be freed from the usual robotic daily life. - Kiteretsunu

What if your boss is a maniac? Be careful or you might get seduced!

Yo boss! Get a load of this! Ns ns ns ns - CityGuru

8 When You Get Out Of Bed

Ahh... Best time to do it - just after a scratch. - Britgirl

If this is the perfect opportunity to do well rich

9 In A Fancy Restaurant
10 While In The Bath / Shower

I really don't want to picture this. If I saw it happening, I would probably never be the same again. Thanks for putting this through my mind, girl. - PositronWildhawk

Never tried this. It may be dangerous to try but what fun! If I don't return to the TopTens, you know I'm in hospital... - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 On The Roof
12 On "Grandparents day"

Hey grandpa- wanna see my sweet moves? - Jonny_likes_milk

Good luck facing your conservative grandparents.

13 On The Train Tracks
14 At Chuck E Cheese
15 In a Roller Coaster
16 In Daycare
17 In Disneyland
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