Top Ten Funniest Places for Body Hairs

The Top Ten Funniest Places for Body Hairs

1 Ear
2 In the Nose

It's funny but useful too. The hairs in the nose trap the dust particles that is present in air when you inhale. So they act as air filters. - Kiteretsunu

No thing such as seeing old friend and then getting glance up nose, think to yourself "oh wowwie those are large and dark hairs protruding out dear old friend's nose! "

3 Foot/Toe
4 Tummy

Hate my stomach hair, even though it's pretty much clear or blonde, still hate it.

5 Chin
6 Upper Arm

Its pretty funny in that it is quite rare and easily distinguishable - almost simian in nature!

7 Chest
8 Back
9 Mustache

Love the curly ones!

10 Buttocks

How is this not #1?

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