Top 10 Funniest Reasons to Not Do Homework

A sequel to Top Ten Stupidest Reasons To Not Do Your Homework.

The Top Ten

1 My dog was dating Jessica Biel so I had to stop him from pooping on himself

Teacher : Why didn't you do your homework last night
Boy : He was dating Jesscia Biel so I had to stop him before Justin Timberlake beat him.
Teacher : It worse than my 88 year old father dating Nicki Minaj. - JaysTop10List

2 I was going to Comic Con to meet Dora and get an autograph from her

Teacher : Ricky, why isn't your homework on my desk?
Ricky : I met Dora at Comic Con and got her autograph.
Teacher : What? - JaysTop10List

3 My brother was threatening me for my Beyonce fan stuff

Teacher : Why isn't your homework done miss?
Girl : My brother was threatening me for my Beyonce posters and albums
Teacher jaw drops : Get your butt to detention. - JaysTop10List

4 My sister's poop overflowed the toilet

Sister : Because my little sister overflowed the toilet with her stinkin poop!
Teacher : Too much information here. - JaysTop10List

5 My cat was licking my sheet for 13 hours

Teacher : Where's your reading, writing and math homework?
Boy : My cat licked them for 13 hours
Teacher : *mutters* Awkward! - JaysTop10List

6 I have better things to do
7 The Tasmanian devil ate it
8 I saw the Millenium Falcon in my backyard and Han Solo invited me to fly it with him
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