Funniest Responses to "Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?"

A simple no won't do it. So here are some better responses.

The Top Ten

1 Did you buy an extra large dress just so you could ask me this?
2 I don't know, look in the mirror and find out.

Nope. You make the mirror look too small.

3 It's not the dress that makes you look fat. It's the FAT that makes you look fat.
4 No, it's you that makes you fat. And the dress is the victim.
5 I don't know, ask your mom.
6 No, it makes you look pretentious.
7 Is there a right answer?

Yes. The right one! - Britgirl

8 I don't think anyone would care about you. They'd instead ask me, "How are you with a girl like her?"

It wouldn't be wise to tell all of these to your girl for prom, the most likely outcome is that you're going to be left with a literal fat girl. - StephanTheIdiot

9 No, but it makes you look pregnant.
10 When you start tripping over nothing I'll let you know.

The Contenders

11 No, you're just missing the wig.
12 No, your ass is popping out.
13 Who cares? The real question is if this tux makes ME look fat!
14 Yes.
15 Everything makes you look fat.
16 Get to the choppa
17 To be honest, it does.
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