Top 10 Funniest Roblox YouTubers

In this list, we're counting down the Top Ten Funniest ROBLOX YouTubers. Only the funniest and the best gets to be in the list. If you think these YouTubers are not funny, that's great. Its just my personal opinion.

The Top Ten

1 ObliviousHD

He is funny as hell. - MartyJonesHart

2 FireLion RBLX

Fire x AA Millers - MartyJonesHart

3 Faave

XTREME ENERGY - MartyJonesHart

4 AlbertsStuff

Today I almost pooped my pants watching his videos - IHSCOUTII1973

He's awesome, I love his new videos on flamingo

Why is he 15? He's hilarious! - GamingSanx

Dude he ispired me yo roast people

5 AA Millers
6 Snyfort
7 Pixelflame
8 AndrewToons

He makes funny ROBLOX videos.
Why isn't he #1 - MartyJonesHart

He created Clyde and Willis
Man I LOVE THAT SHOW. But why did Nickelodeon rejected it?
the pilot was posted on Nickelodeon's new channel, Nickelodeon Pilots - MartyJonesHart

9 LondonTaDahz
10 Denis

I like him, but I prefer other roblox youtubers

Roblox user: ToastedWaffles3443
karkatvantas123455 - ToastedWaffles

Denis is literally the best. HILLARIOUS! He should be all the way at the top! Same as Alex, Corl, Sketch, Bandi and Sub! THESE YOUTUBERS ARE PROBABLY THE ONLY ROBLOX YOUTUBERS I'm GONNA WATCH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! [I think]

Thanks for reading this!

ROBLOX username: Liviakittybunnyaj


The Contenders

11 NiccoRBLX
12 ItsFunneh

A great YouTuber and makes lots of people laugh! - GamersInternationalYT

13 Fudz
14 TheHealthyCow
15 Citizen
16 QuackityHQ
17 Epikrika

You know the difference between most of these, he's actually FUNNY. Awe look, a swear word HAHAA. A cat, HAHAAHA. Hey look, an accurate depiction of ODers and other slices of life that are funny and cheesy but funny quotes HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA - Maddox121

18 Alex

One of the best pals on YouTube also Denis, Corl, Sketch, Bandi, and Sub are the best too!

19 VuxVux

One he played on a hair salon on Roblox is way more hilarious than ObviousHD.

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