Top 10 Funniest Roblox YouTubers

In this list, we're counting down the Top Ten Funniest ROBLOX YouTubers. Only the funniest and the best gets to be in the list. If you think these YouTubers are not funny, that's great. Its just my personal opinion.

The Top Ten

1 ObliviousHD

He is my idle. ObliviousHD is my celebrity who I want to meet

He's a rigging trash YouTuber. - TeamRocket747

He is funny as hell. - MartyJonesHart

2 FireLion RBLX

Fire x AA Millers - MartyJonesHart

3 Faave

XTREME ENERGY - MartyJonesHart

4 AlbertsStuff

He is SO funny and he always cheers me up, to me, he should be number 1!

HE IS THE BEST! but you should add his youtube channel Flamingo

Why the hell is this dude 4th? He needs to be first lmao. - EwKay

Best YouTube
r ever

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5 AA Millers
6 Pixelflame
7 Snyfort
8 AndrewToons

He makes funny ROBLOX videos.
Why isn't he #1 - MartyJonesHart

He created Clyde and Willis
Man I LOVE THAT SHOW. But why did Nickelodeon rejected it?
the pilot was posted on Nickelodeon's new channel, Nickelodeon Pilots - MartyJonesHart

9 LondonTaDahz
10 Flamingo

The person who placed him 10th must've ate the most effective drugs.

No need to think twice check him out


What do you mean Albert or Flamingo is da best he has iconic characters like Earthworm Sally : she carries diseases from Florida to Cali - The ghosts - ………. The strawberry; he wants you to eat healthy or will kill you and so much more

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The Newcomers

? Pink Sheep Pink Sheep
? Darkaltrax

"This person makes absolutely hilarious videos and he never fails to make me laugh"

The Contenders

11 ItsFunneh

The best youtuber ever!

A great YouTuber and makes lots of people laugh! - GamersInternationalYT

She deserves the be in the first place! She is so funny! Funneh and the krew always make me laugh when I am sad, and even the scapy videos are not scary at all! They are just super funy! Also I really like when draco says lolololololololol and basically always💕

12 Denis

I like him, but I prefer other roblox youtubers

Roblox user: ToastedWaffles3443
karkatvantas123455 - ToastedWaffles

Denis is literally the best. HILLARIOUS! He should be all the way at the top! Same as Alex, Corl, Sketch, Bandi and Sub! THESE YOUTUBERS ARE PROBABLY THE ONLY ROBLOX YOUTUBERS I'm GONNA WATCH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! [I think]

Thanks for reading this!

ROBLOX username: Liviakittybunnyaj


13 Danton Danton
14 Sketch



He is really funny at how he plays any game

15 NiccoRBLX
16 QuackityHQ
17 Alex

One of the best pals on YouTube also Denis, Corl, Sketch, Bandi, and Sub are the best too!

18 VuxVux

Vux is first work not so sure on his new

One he played on a hair salon on Roblox is way more hilarious than ObviousHD.

19 Jen
20 Fudz
21 TheHealthyCow
22 Citizen
23 Epikrika

You know the difference between most of these, he's actually FUNNY. Awe look, a swear word HAHAA. A cat, HAHAAHA. Hey look, an accurate depiction of ODers and other slices of life that are funny and cheesy but funny quotes HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAA - Maddox121

24 Semp
25 Thelaughingunicorn

This youtuber does not even make roblox content!

26 PinkAnt


He's a funny troller :D

27 Greenlegocats123
28 Roblox Locus


29 PopularMMOS


30 Inquisitormaster

She does roleplay and it sounds Funny When she does the voices

31 Ant


32 NapkinNate
33 Pokediger1

Best guy ever HALARIOUS

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