Top Ten Funniest Shop / Store Names

All of these shops /stores are real. Some I know what they sell. Others? Well, I think it's best to be ignorant...

Have one you know of? Please add! But they must be real.

The Top Ten

Sofa King (Furniture)

This is actually in my town. Their slogan is: *ahem* "Our prices are Sofa King low"... I kid you not. - Britgirl

Where is refrigerator queen - Nateawesomeness

Pussies and Bitches (Pet Shop and Grooming)

Thought u were against swearing? - Nateawesomeness

Hand Job (Nails and Spa)

What job does the hand have,nah jk it's a sacrifice - Nateawesomeness

Floaters (Balloons and Crafts Store)

Balloons float,because their birds *The THE MORE YOU KNOW SCREEN APPERS* - Nateawesomeness

Lick-Her Shop (Liquor Store)

A clever play on words, there. - Britgirl

Lick the liquor,it's only an ice cream flavor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Nateawesomeness

BG: Believe I once met the proprietor, a Ms.Venus Aiken. She was a bit older by then, and a tad absinthe-minded.

Doggie Styles (Dog Grooming)

Dogs have style in gromming to,my awful jokes don't - Nateawesomeness

Dirty Dicks Crab House (Seafood Store)

Noo, this can't be true! LOL - Metal_Treasure

Their slogan (or so I believe) is: "I got my crabs from Dirty Dicks Crab store." - Britgirl

Carry on ladies - Nateawesomeness

Their motto: "Come hungry. You'll be itchin' to come again."

Condomania (Japanese Store)

Guess what they sell... - Muffet13

There is No Love (Buffet)

And it’s in a really normal-looking font. - Muffet13

F**koffee (Coffee Shop)

This is my cough, not yours, my organisms stole my lollipop, their the ones that need to suffer, not you - Nateawesomeness

Take a coffee and kindly f**k offee. - Swellow

BG: Starbucks pretty much says the same thing by charging $5.00 for a fifty-cent cuppa joe.

The Contenders

The Codfather (Fish N Chips)

They'll make you a baccala you can't refuse. <):~€


Athlete’s Foot (Shoe Shop)
Butt Sandwiches (Sandwich Shop)

Sandwich shop in my town. Which I never frequent. Somehow I'm never hungry when I pass it... - Britgirl

A Salt & Battery (Fish N Chip Shop)
Glory Hole (Church Centre)
Mammoth Erection (Scaffold Erection and Dismantle Service)

I guess Donkey Kong ain't the only one who can expand his dong! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Big Dick's Halfway Inn (Bar)

Just who added this genius? This is so funny! - Britgirl


Dick's Sporting Goods (Sports Store)

This list is so funny! - Metal_Treasure

The Athletes Foot (Sports Store)
Kids Exchange (Clothing Store)

A coincidental logo in lowercase and squashed in made the story sound like "kidsexchange". - Swellow

Fuk Mi (Sushi & Seafood Buffet)
Sure-Lock Homes (Locksmith)

I guess it's not technically a shop, but the name is gold. - PetSounds

Major Tom's Ground Control (Lawn Care)
Clever Dicks (Jewlery)
Thai Tanic (Restaurant)
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