Top Ten Funniest Shop / Store Names

All of these shops /stores are real. Some I know what they sell. Others? Well, I think it's best to be ignorant...
Have one you know of? Please add! But they must be real.

The Top Ten

1 Sofa King (Furniture)

This is actually in my town. Their slogan is: *ahem* "Our prices are Sofa King low"... I kid you not. - Britgirl

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2 Pussies and Bitches (Pet Shop and Grooming) V 1 Comment
3 Hand Job (Nails and Spa) V 1 Comment
4 Lick-Her Shop (Liquor Store) V 3 Comments
5 Doggie Styles (Dog Grooming) V 2 Comments
6 Dirty Dicks Crab House (Seafood Store)

Their slogan (or so I believe) is: "I got my crabs from Dirty Dicks Crab store." - Britgirl

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7 Floaters (Balloons and Crafts Store)

Balloons float,because their birds *The THE MORE YOU KNOW SCREEN APPERS* - Nateawesomeness

8 The Codfather (Fish N Chips) V 2 Comments
9 F**koffee (Coffee Shop)

This is my cough, not yours, my organisms stole my lollipop, their the ones that need to suffer, not you - Nateawesomeness

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10 Butt Sandwiches (Sandwich Shop)

Sandwich shop in my town. Which I never frequent. Somehow I'm never hungry when I pass it... - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Mammoth Erection (Scaffold Erection and Dismantle Service)

I guess Donkey Kong ain't the only one who can expand his dong! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Big Dick's Halfway Inn (Bar)

Just who added this genius? This is so funny! - Britgirl

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13 Dick's Sporting Goods (Sports Store) V 1 Comment
14 The Athletes Foot (Sports Store)
15 Glory Hole (Church Centre)
16 A Salt & Battery (Fish N Chip Shop)
17 Kids Exchange (Clothing Store)

A coincidental logo in lowercase and squashed in made the story sound like "kidsexchange". - Swellow

18 Fuk Mi (Sushi & Seafood Buffet)
19 Sure-Lock Homes (Locksmith)

I guess it's not technically a shop, but the name is gold. - PetSounds

20 Major Tom's Ground Control (Lawn Care)
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