Top Ten Funniest Signs Incorrectly Translated Into English

The Top Ten

1 Next to public lavatory in Korea "A man toilet buries you to external right side stairs"
2 Arabic Food Ad "Fresh Horse Crap With Lime"

LOL... all of this is so funny - NightJinx

3 "Please keep chair on position and keep table cleaned after dying. Thank you for your corporation."

Laugh out loud. This is what lack of vocabulary will do. Don't even a need a grammar Nazi to correct that. - Kiteretsunu

What?! I mean... What?! Haha! What?!

4 Chinese Signs "My Favourite Wife. Let's Hug It Out, Bitch!"

Okay... sure...
(bloody weirdo) - Rocko

I have no idea what the BLOODY HELL this was meant to mean. I only know it's funny. - PositronWildhawk

5 "This WC is free of washing. Please leave off after p***ing or s****ing."
6 In Restaurant In Argentina "Pork Loin In Your Juice."

Today's special: Pork Loin In Your Juice, for £129.99 including shipping. Batteries not included. - Rocko

7 In Park "Please Do Not Empty Your Dog Here."
8 Restaurant Menu In Vietnam "F*** the Duck until exploded."

The RSPCA is going to be all over this restaurant, damn. - Rocko

9 In Airport In China "For Restrooms. Go back to your behind."

Uh... Laugh out loud! - funnyuser

10 Airport Sign In China "Take Luggage Off Foreigner: No Charge."

The Contenders

11 In Restaurant "Urinate Beef Boll Rice Noodles"

I like rice noodles...BUT NOT PEE-FLAVORED ONES!

12 "Foot Care, Body Care, Head Care, Horny Care."
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