Top Ten Funniest Slogan Fails

Every popular company has a memorable slogan to market their product, but sometimes they can become a fail not thought through or approved by people who clearly were not paying attention. Let us see the funniest fails of slogans
The Top Ten
1 We do our business in your mouth

That's so wrong it's hilarious. No wonder why I freaked out about the dentist when I was younger.

That sounds really creepy, like a quote that would be said in a horror movie.

That just sounds disturbing laugh out loud.

Yeah, I think I'll just keep the tooth decay.

2 The more you play with it, the harder it gets

I'm shocked to be honest, the fact that Sega made a slogan like this really disgusts me. I mean, I have never seen slogans like this from Sega. Well, except the one with the 32x advertisement where it said "Just stick it in your Genesis", as if it wouldn't make things worse with the 32x and the Sega CD. Oh well... Still, even if Sega made this type of ad, I really can't get mad at them because they are a classic even to this day.

This was the slogan of a Sega Genesis console. Whoever approved this clearly skipped Sex Ed.

Looking at that picture, I think they knew exactly what they were doing.

I'm excited for it to get hard. That's always when it gets good.

3 Drop your pants here and you will receive prompt attention

This is the slogan of a cleaners service. What is worse is that they could have at least changed it to "Drop OFF your pants". Come on!

The way this slogan is written makes me excited for prompt attention.

I would drop all my pants on the sign to make it even better.

I just found my new favorite business.

4 I shoot people and pets

Woah, woah, wait a minute. This was a photography service. I bet they did not even hire ANYONE to approve this dark slogan.

I'm calling the cops.

Don't shoot me!

5 Tired of being fat and ugly? Just be ugly!

Some local gym said this. I wonder if the local cosmetics shop says the same thing only like this: Just be fat!

No. I'll be fat and ugly for as long as I want.

This is kind of funny.

Why not just be fat?

6 I take a sheet in the pool

I think this is even funnier if you say it with an Italian accent.

Just say it out loud, and you will understand what is wrong with that

Was it a runny one?

Was it a big one?

7 Students turn us on

"Oh this is a great slogan, it won't sound like we are pedophiles or anything".

I have no idea what this could possibly be the slogan for, but it's hilarious!

I don't want to know what this slogan is for.

By the way this was for a T.V. business

8 Our day starts when yours ends

This actually makes sense. Since I live in Chicago, I frequently hear news about some murder. The police are trying to say that they usually investigate homicide, but still, the slogan seems stupid.

That sounds like a murderer is running a business.

I thought this was a slogan for a funeral service.

The fact that it also says "homicide" adds to it.

9 Spring is coming! I'm so excited I wet my plants.

I can relate. Except it doesn't rain much in Australia.

I can totally relate to this!

I'm so excited I wet my pants!

Very exciting indeed/

10 Your crap is my bread and butter

I wish this was made up, and it probably is because they swear on their slogan, but there is a chance that it it is legitimate, due to photographic evidence. Which it could be photoshopped or not

I will send you chicken and ketchup. To proveto you that there's more to this life than eating ass.

Why is crap censored? That isn't a swear word.

I wonder if this guy is sick all of the time.

The Contenders
11 When the Aliens land, they may eat the FAT humans first!

This is a nice health warning by your local chiropractic clinic...

Imagine this as a slogan for a weight loss program.

Well, it does make you motivated to work out...

12 F*** Her Right in the P****
13 Touching Is Good
14 We Touch The Ones You Care About The Most
15 Can't live without spunk

It was part of Coca-Cola's failed attempt at bringing Dasani to the UK.

16 Have you ripped a big one lately
17 You probably didn't buy it

This was a joke slogan, not a real slogan.

18 Chum is Fum

This also is not a real slogan.

19 Stroking to Please
20 Family Owned. Shut up! no you shut up!
21 Black Olives Matter
22 Good food makes good food
23 Real fruit from Real people

I guess some people aren't real.

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