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1 Telephone Dude's Version (Parody of Telephone) by Shane Dawson

This is a little odd too

2 I Want Ass (Parody of Christmas Cash) by Shane Dawson
3 Glitter Puke (Parody of Tik Tok) by BarelyPolitical

Love when the family intervention happens

I think I saw this one. When I was younger I was a sucker for YTP and parodies. Don't ask. - RiverClanRocks

4 PETA (Parody of Cooler Than Me) by Rucka Rucka Ali

A parody of already a joke song to some extent.

Wow you can act girl keep it up

5 I Dress Like A Nazi (Parody of Paparazzi) by Rucka Rucka Ali
6 Bieber Fever (Parody of Baby) by BarelyPolitical
7 Party In the Local Park (Parody of Party In the U.S.A.) by Thecomputernerd01

Best ever! We went to the park and Steven even peed his pants! Yaahh it's a party in the local park! - funnyuser

П��Steven even peed his pants🎵 PRICELESS

8 I Am Afraid (Parody of I'm Not Afraid) by mippey5
9 Vampire Rap (Parody of Love The Way You Love) by IJustine
10 Somethin To Chew (Parody of Nothin On You) by AtomWinston

The Contenders

11 I'm Hungry (I'm Yourz Parody)
12 Applause (Bart Baker)

Haha this thing is do damn hilarious I can't stop watching it

You should see Shane Dawson's but his is more funny

This so funny send it to your friends

Make sure to subscribe bart

V 1 Comment
13 Mayo (Dynamite Parody)
14 Wrecking Ball - Bart Baker

I don't like this even though I'm a bart baker fan does not mean I like every single parody and I cannot believe they said porn in this oh my

I can just do this- ROFL.

15 Constipated (Weird Al Yankovic)


16 I Love the Smelly Feet (Submarine Man)
17 I'll Kill You that Way (The Merkins)
18 Sleepy (Lonely Parody) by Xkkrishhx
19 London Underground (Going Underground Parody)
20 We Can't Stop (Bart Baker)
21 Girl On Tinder (Girl On Fire Parody) by Decent Humans

If you haven't seen it, you should.

22 You're a Mean One, Mr. Trump (Grinch Parody) by Brentalfloss and College Humor
23 Eat It (Weird Al Yankovic)
24 Shape of You (Bart Baker)
25 Viet Plan (Drake - God's Plan) by Langbuildsmc

Yeah they study and study and study and study, they study duh maths!

26 Weird Al (Just Eat It)

Have some more chicken
Have some more pie
It doesn't matter
Boiled or fried

27 Amish Paradise - Weird Al Yankovic
28 Vietnam is My City (It's Everyday Bro Parody) by Aznromeo
29 Gangster (Post Malone Rockstar Parody) by Aznromeo
30 God's Plan (Jefferysweezy)
31 Can't Touch My Swag (Yonkers Parody) - NFKRZ
32 Bitches Ain't S**T (Pink Guy)
33 MC Gang (Gucci Gang Parody) (Galaxy Goats)
34 U So Precious When You No Da Wae (Bazzi (Mine) by Aznromeo)
35 Viet Gang (Lil Pump (Gucci Gang) by Aznromeo)
36 I Like White Man Food (Chinese Food) by Pyrobooby
37 Gangnam Style (Justkiddingfilms)
38 Ruv My Canton Style (Pyrobooby)
39 Byuntae Style (Davidsocomedy)
40 The Ching Goes... (Man's Not Hot)(Aznromeo)
41 Yo Muda is A... (I Love It) Aznromeo
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1. Telephone Dude's Version (Parody of Telephone) by Shane Dawson
2. I Want Ass (Parody of Christmas Cash) by Shane Dawson
3. Glitter Puke (Parody of Tik Tok) by BarelyPolitical


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