Top Ten Funniest Sounding Imaginary Words


The Top Ten

1 Oobleck

Haven't I heard this before

Professor Oobleck from RWBY - Nirocart

Did I mention I love Dr. Seuss? - keycha1n

Bartholomew and the Oobleck
Book by Dr. Seuss - Finch

2 Flumpy
3 Bloggles
4 Smooply
5 Figglobollomog

True story: In fifth grade, I wrote a spin off story of "The 3 Billy Goats Gruff" about 3 llamas who got insane off of cactus juice and beat the troll under the bridge by scaring him off with just how psychotic they were acting.

And I named the story figglobollomog... Because why not? - keycha1n

6 Danglidoodoo
7 Mooshie
8 Bimply
9 Badonkadonks

I sure hope this one wasn't ever published as a real word... - keycha1n

Haha! I said this out loud just as Mother walked past. She gave me a sympathetic "poor thing" look!
Great word. Great list! - Britgirl

10 Donglyfongly

Funniest word must put on weird word list

The Contenders

11 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

I have watched the movie Mary poppins a lot and I think you use it if you have nothing to say and you just want to say something

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12 Blugschmuck

I just made this up. The copyright is mine! - Britgirl

13 Sniglet

The word for a funny-sounding made-up word!

This is a real word - RalphBob

14 Bonbumbyshmiplegorn
15 Jibip

The same thing as Britgirl, except from Sosos!

16 Dadlididiopp
17 Ooftah!
18 Scatjap
19 Ompadoonkie
20 Meep
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