Top Ten Funniest Sounding Imaginary Words


The Top Ten

1 Oobleck

Haven't I heard this before

Professor Oobleck from RWBY - Nirocart

Did I mention I love Dr. Seuss? - keycha1n

Bartholomew and the Oobleck
Book by Dr. Seuss - Finch

2 Flumpy
3 Bloggles

Seems like Blobby goggles - Animefan12

4 Smooply
5 Figglobollomog

True story: In fifth grade, I wrote a spin off story of "The 3 Billy Goats Gruff" about 3 llamas who got insane off of cactus juice and beat the troll under the bridge by scaring him off with just how psychotic they were acting.

And I named the story figglobollomog... Because why not? - keycha1n

6 Danglidoodoo
7 Mooshie

Well, howdy, lovely. Gizzus a mooshie, den! - PositronWildhawk

8 Bimply
9 Badonkadonks

I sure hope this one wasn't ever published as a real word... - keycha1n

Haha! I said this out loud just as Mother walked past. She gave me a sympathetic "poor thing" look!
Great word. Great list! - Britgirl

10 Donglyfongly

Funniest word must put on weird word list

The Contenders

11 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

I have watched the movie Mary poppins a lot and I think you use it if you have nothing to say and you just want to say something

12 Blugschmuck

I just made this up. The copyright is mine! - Britgirl

13 Sniglet

The word for a funny-sounding made-up word!

This is a real word - RalphBob

14 Bonbumbyshmiplegorn

Copyright of samanime inc - samanime

15 Jibip

The same thing as Britgirl, except from Sosos!

16 Dadlididiopp
17 Ooftah!
18 Scatjap
19 Ompadoonkie
20 Meep
21 Kablarble
22 Flollup

Any Douglas Adams fans out there?
-Floppy Kitten

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