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1 Chinese

It sounds good, but some of their words sound gibberish in English.

Its really funny and I am learning chinese now and it's so funny I get into trouble because when ever teacher speaks it I laugh so much

The title should be funniest sounding languages to native English speakers

Funny for english speakers lol

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2 Hindi

I do not think it is THAT funny. I believe it is one of the sweetest sounding languages in the world

Who has written this blog against Hindi, may be an uneducated person who has no knowledge of Hindi.

Hindi is funny and fascinating compared to the dull monotonic rotten languages of the west.

Highly sarcastic

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3 Danish

Sounds like they have potatoes in their mouths as they speak

Danish is the best lang there is

One time I chated with a danish girl...he send me a voice and I think that she hiccups all the time

Danish is super cool m8

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4 Japanese

I just don't know when they're serious, or not. I dated Japanese girl once and only found out she was serious on stopping me when she tried calling the police, so I stopped doing her because she wasn't clear on consent or that she was probably trying to scam me.

I'm japanese and its true, it's a really cute sounding language

It's so funny and so cute - Squadela

Actually...this language doesn't sound funny to me sounds beautiful and so cute I love how Japanese sounds it sounds very smooth when people speak I love hearing people singing or speaking it this language sounds so sweet and pretty this is the most beautiful spoken language I've ever heard why do some of you think Japanese might sound ugly? but actually..I've heard this language and it didn't have any harsh My harsh languages are Russian,German,French,Javanese,Swedish and Danish these languages sound harsh because they sound weird and harsh Javanese sounds ugly as hell I hate the sound of the Javanese language it has harsh It doesn't sound cute or anything but Japanese sounds more cuter than that weird awful Javanese language! it sounds like they are brushing harsh dust when I heard that language it's gonna make my ear bleed because they speak too quick and loud Japanese people talk very smooth in their native language I love how their native language because this ...more

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5 Korean

Definitely gay

Sounds like Japanese but gibberish.

Please stop this is offensive

Salty weebs in the comments here lol

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6 Dutch

Lol this language sounds very funny I couldn't stop laughing when I hear Dutch people read fast this language is funny

As an English speaker, where many Dutch words look and spell very similarly to English words, spoken Dutch sounds like a stereotypical "Lucky Charms" Irishman trying to speak German. This is not an insult, it actually makes the language that much more endearing!

Funny because it sounds a bit like German but more silly

Sounds like the netherlands know how to mess up the english language

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7 Finnish

This language is so funny, when we are trying to speak it.

I know Finnish and my friends trying to pronounce the words is the FUNNIEST THING

AW It's adorable!

Veru cute language

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8 Mongolian

A mix between Russian and Chinese. So cool!

Mongolian sounds like a mix of Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and lisp. It is basically the coolest language there is.

9 English

At least we write what we speak in Hindi and not like English where tion becomes shan queue is the same as q(I'm talking about their pronunciation) and what is the use of silent letters.

Yeah nah its sweet as because

I like how my English language stutters a lot.

EngLIsh iS fuNNY - XxembermasterxX

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10 French

French sounds nice in some ways but horrible in others. I am from France so I know the language well and it isn't that pretty.

Can't stop laughing when people speak it sounds funny because it sounds like they reading fast French is a silly language!

Sounds very rudimentary and romantic as someone who says love you.

I'm here because I'm trying to translate some text...thought it was Swedish, but an online xlator didn't xlate it. Here it is: "Bälooben soompthern. Oövenef üt morns säckerfloopen ebertherns." Okay, I just figured it's a play on words. Man, I'm not feeling that bright ("Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything"). My excuse is I've been to Europe several times (lived in Paris 2x for a few months each). Heard some Swedish when staying in hostels and it sounded just like that, so I immediately went to try and xlate. And what's crazy...3 of the words did translate to Luxembourgish (using Google translator)! Soompthern = soothers, oovenef = above and ebertherns = proud.

Anyway...I usually don't think of French as sounding "funny"; amusing definitely. Swedish is hilarious, I think. French is funny in that even that just saying anything can be beautiful. Knowing a little French, come to think of it, they have a funny word for trash - "poubelle". How ...more

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11 Swedish

It's like the most funniest sounds of the world

It's sounds a bit like they have no tongues... To vowel heavy.

It's just weird. They always say 'v' and stuff

Its beau en mellodic

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12 Vietnamese

You people never heard Vietnamese I guess so it's not on top 3.

Like that other person I find Vietnamese an interesting language but think it sounds hilarious.

Every word is one syllable, or multiple words each one syllable. It's hilarious

I can't not laugh at a single vietnamese sentence

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13 German

I laugh so much, and keep trying to learn it, at the same time. People ask me, "Progress? " And, I smile.

German sounds funny sometimes, but sometimes it sounds nice. *Starts thinking about cute and gorgeous German guys*

I never knew German could be so funny until I tired to study it myself. And I know my fair share of languages.

I remember watching Inglourious Basterds and I couldn;t help but laugh during the long dialogue scenes because there accents sounded so funny.

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14 Thai

With family in Thailand I spend a lot of time there. The tones sound like straining and are quite nasal. Some sounds cannot possibly be a form of communication.

It's very funny to hear thai people talking each other.

It good language

This language sounds so funny

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15 Italian

Amazing language, my favourite

Italian language is not funny ar all, far to be a fun, it's like the Italian people so boring, so annoying.

Definitely the most elegant and melodic language I've ever heard.

16 Polish

It's funny, unique, weird, beautiful and awesome at the same time!

This should be higher up than Russian

It just sounds hilarious.

This language is funny and riddiculous at the same time. You think you are cool? Try say something in Polish when you drunk ;-)

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17 Russian

The accent is very funny when they speak English with a Russian accent. The cafeteria lady at my school speaks with a Russian accent and whenever she says "chicken burger", it sounds like "chicken booger", and I can't stop laughing my heart out when I hear it.

They have a funny accent when they speak English and Russian

I like the acsent

18 Slovak

Its like Polish, but most funny.

19 Albanian

Everything sounds like shh shs shre shra

20 Macedonian

There isn't any language called Macedonia iam rly sry
its called bulgarina or slavic

21 Arabic

I think its very funny

It sounds ugly with speakers making best effort to spill their tonsils out as they speak

The language of Muslims, says it all

How is this not number 1? Seriously listen to this guy trying to explain how to make the sounds t=41s

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22 Filipino

No one would take a person who speaks philipino language seriously. They talk like how idiots in meth

This language always make me laugh even when I am not in the mood hahaa

Well it's a tie. Most of languages sounds funny because were unfamiliar. Agree or agree😁

23 Turkish

The women on the turkish shows my mom watches sound like aliens

24 Serbian

Majority of the sentences start with a curse or an insult, also comes out nasty, bu intentions are good.

Poop language super poop

Serbian language is so manly and cultural language. You can express so many emotios with this language.

25 Norwegian

No, it's just plain breathtaking

As a swede, it sounds hilarious sometimes.

It's not that bad sounding, It's pretty

26 Estonian

Think of a language that's just some words from all the other countries nearby. Sentence begins with this language, some of this other in the middle, and ends with something else. It's an accurate equivalent to gibberish.

So weird

For example, check out the name of the native country in it's language: eesti. There are more words like Latti (Latvia) so dig in. - RandomGuy456

27 Sinhalese

It can be understand by genius persons it's very proud language.

28 Portuguese

I am having a hard time to decide if people are speaking portuguese or trying to invoke satan (or both) every time I hear this. Only reason Satan doesn't appear when someone speaks portuguese is that he doesn't exist, cause I'm pretty sure he couldn't tell the difference either. Anyway, this language scares me.

It sounds as if you're speaking through the nose!

Brazilian Portuguese is sexy.
European Portuguese sounds like a drunken Spaniard imitating Putin.

29 Telugu

Power Star Ahh Ahh

Sweatest language

Its funny and worst sound Which cannt hear well..head ache language

30 Welsh

This is the funniest and most laugh inducing language. It is super long:

If you ever try to read it, it is one big mess - lbelle0527

31 Tamil

Especially in comedic films, haha. I like it, though.

32 Javanese


33 Kazakh

Sounds like a combination of Russian and Persian. But other than that very unique!

It's very funny. If you don't believe me, search Informbioro 31 on YouTube and watch the videos.

34 Amharic
35 Malayalam

All words are in a tune like tantde tante tante

36 Persian

The best coolest most interesting


37 Tagalog

The language with the most funniest words!
Words like: Nakakapagkabagabag (Irritating) and Sumisisid (Diving)

38 Bengali

Bheri phany language.

very fonny

39 Spanish

Its pretty funny

No. I like it it sounds good when u know how to speek it

40 Romanian

I like the Romanian language I really think it is beautiful, the only time it sounds funny (I don't mean this in a bad way) is when older Romanian people yell or get mad, but it stills sounds amazing.

In how many languages can you make such a long proposition only with vowels:Oaia aia e a ei, eu i-o iau.

41 Indonesian

Yes, Indonesian is the national language of the country, with hundreds of completely different regional languages (I don't mean dialects or accents). It's a great language that serves the purpose of unifying close to 250 millions of inhabitants.

By far... anybody else who thinks its not is kinda dumb

Listen to buka bukaan

42 Ukrainian

It’s the funniest language especially how they say “kurak” or „kartka” instead of kurczak and karta. It’s a cute language and quite sweet.

43 Fijian
44 Greenlandic
45 Urdu

Very nice language actually. Based off of Arabic, Persian, and Turkic languages, it sounds like a cloud. It was especially used for poetry during the Mughal Empire

46 Xhosa

Lol it's funny

47 Cebuano

It's philipino language and it's funny just other phil language. They talk English With the same accent like they have a dick inside their mouth. Annoying crappy language

48 Punjabi

Every sentence can be made to look like a joke depending on the person speaking it.

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