Anyone Know This Comedian?

We just received this message and while we're no expert on stand up comedians, there are probably some of you that are. Can you help this person out? If you know who this comedian is, please leave a comment and share your wisdom.

"hi, i'm trying to find a specific comedian. he had a stand up which I saw on TV 2 years ago. He is white male, and was talking about how the speaker on subway is never clear so u never hear what station u are at. and there is allways some weird guy on subway who is flossing his teeth with a floss, xcept that he doesn't have any floss so he is doing this hee he shows an imaginary floss and is trying to floss his teeth), and how the plummer is trying to fix ure pmumming but he doesn't have the part, and it will take 20 or 30 days maybe even a month. i really need to know his name, but can not find it...

thank you"


Personally, I think that this guy is just trying out some of his own material. - Christian.H.Mills

Darren Ross. maybe - visitor

i havent got a clue?? - beastlydiva32

Keith Nelson...really funny comedian saw him inportland, oregon very clever and hysterical...
" your Johnson when your 23 is like a 13 year old with adhd, can't sit still or pay attention: when your old its like an annoying relative that always shows up at the wrong time but when you need him he's nowhere to be found....Dave Robbins - visitor

aah..?we need more. - visitor

Huh? I could hardly follow and I have never heard of his act. Did you see him live of on Comedy Central? We really need more info. - fireinside96

Why would you need to know this guy that wasn't even funny - visitor

I do not know but what about LARRY THE CABLE GUY - visitor

Good luck guys
I have no clue - visitor

No clue
I'm sorry, wish I could help - visitor

Carl Baron? - visitor

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