Bill Hicks was the greatest...there will not be another

Bill Hicks took comedy and satire to a level that American stand-up has never reached before. His humor is not like some other funny person who does comedy just for laughs and a steady paycheck. He is a an observer and critic of things intewoven and beneath the surface of mundane life. Bill sees the forest throught the trees, and isnt afraid to express any part of his personality to take an ideology or circumstance that our society takes for granted and completely turn it on its head so that the audiencs laughs out loud. He disects everything in the human condition and our lives, and makes it simply hilarious. Hicks is the epitome of a true stand up comic. He didn't make jokes to just get laughs out of people, but to raise the consciouss understanding of people living on the planet. If there was one thing Bill Hicks couldn't stand, it was stupidity and ignorance; which he viscously and intelligently exposed and condemed. Even though he could have been much a bigger success in the comedic, but still made timeless routines that people will continue to go back to because he was not only hilarious, but he told the honest and simplistic truth about deep seated issues. True comedy is not only making people laugh, but think as well. The only comic that I think comes close to his level of satire and social criticism is George Carlin.