Daniel Tosh

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Like a great Champagne, Daniel Tosh is is getting better and better with a little aging. Daniel is one of the few "Comedy Gods" and he is still doing stand-up. If you do not like laughing until you fall over at a live show, he may not be your type. It's wonderful that somebody can shoot an entire arsenal of critical notes aimed carefully at anybody and everybody, yet (nearly) nobody is ever really insulted. He is truly gifted in making people laugh, now he is aged and perfect in a really imperfect world of funny! Do you want proof? Look how the ladies dress their best when he performs. It, s like a contest! He is the prime bubbly ready to pop... GO DANIEL! Love, Mother

Daniel Tosh is the best! These others suck so much in comparison. Here's a quote from one of his specials, Happy Thoughts.

"You ever hear this expression? The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work. Uh, I'll call B.S. I've watched the deadliest catch on Discovery. I've never once been at work, capsized in a 40 degree water, watched all my co-workers die, and be like, "Hey, at least we're f****** fishin'. "

Daniel Tosh is leagues ahead of a few comedians ahead of him. In my opinion, Daniel Tosh is better than Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Pryor. There's nothing worse than having to sit through a comedy special while African American's say the "N" word four hundred times in a special. That, and the excessive use of the word "Crack" is really un-funny. Daniel Tosh is offensively funny, intellectually amusing, and has a far better delivery than half the comedian above him.

Daniel Tosh is incredible. He doesn't bs and informs the crowd that jokes aren't necessarily based on real events. I also love his racial insensitivity, but thankfully unlike Mencia, he doesn't have to tell the crowd every joke that he's going to say what he wants.. He just does and doesn't look for the "ok". I wish I could lessen Cook's vote because he's garbage. No reason for him to be in the top 10.

Daniel Tosh has no boundaries! Some may say, "Daniel Tosh isn't even funny! All he does is make jokes up for internet videos! " Well, then that person hasn't seen any of his stand up shows. Daniel Tosh is a one of the greatest comedians, and sometimes his jokes may push the limit, but he really is a genius for all the jokes he pulls that most of us can relate to.

Daniel Tosh is the funniest guy on the planet! Defiantly #1 on my list! Completely Serious is my all-time favorite thing on the face of the earth! To anyone who loves standup as much as I do, THIS IS A MUST WATCH! I agree with the first comment; he is indeed a comic genius.
"You know who likes to get fisted? Sock puppets. "

I really enjoy how his commentary is really dark and offensive towards everything. He doesn't see a line in the sand because there really isn't one, and I wish there were more comedians that were not afraid to offend for the sake of comedy. His show is okay, and some of his jokes are a bit far fetched, but his stand up is impeccable

PLease make this guy #1. He is the only comedian that NEVER fails to make you laugh. He could make you laugh just by looking at the screen and saying nothing (Tosh.0). damn it make him number one. He's awesome. Just to make my point clear here: Daniel Tosh should be the number one comedian in this and every list.

I love daniel tosh. Makes me laugh every single Tuesday night His show "tosh. O" is got to be the best comedy show I have ever seen. He was unbelievably funny in his stand up comedy show "happy thoughts" and has no boundaries in what he talks about in his show... Clearly should be in 1st place.

His stand up is fantastic and there's no line he won't cross, he is the greatest comedian of my generation. He is not for the weak-hearted or for small children, if you are easily offended stick to some less edgy comedians because he'll probably make you cry. If he reads this, he'll probably make fun of it.

Loved his antagonism towards us in the audience. Material was fresh custom tailored for my city. He refused to do old material because who wants to pay to hear a guy tell jokes you've already heard. You can tell he really loves stand up and it's infectious.

20? That's just not right. 2 maybe, but 20? This guy is the best comedian ever. In fact, he was the one reason my friends and I started watching comedy central. Also, He has the (in my opinion) best stand up special on comedy central, ever.

I didn't realize this was the list of the worst "comedians" alive. Daniel Tosh is immature and stupid. The only way he could be appealing is if you have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old. It would be nice if he would just die and open a spot of someone who is actually capable of being funny.

Daniel Tosh is the best comedian I know who talks about videos from the internet, & puts others down for the stupid things they do, but hey we gotta try stuff, so keep up the good work Dan, cause I love my causal jackets!, cause with you're show we don't know what to expect, & for that We thank you.

Love his wit and clever, almost unbelievable talent with comebacks as Malloy. I didn't realize until a year after Brickleberry was aired that Malloy was voiced by Daniel Tosh, and I wasn't surprised - it was more of a light bulb moment where everything made sense now.

Daniel Tosh is amazing he is the THE funniest person on earth. All his shows/stand up is amazing, he is my hero and my favourite comedian ever he is number one too in the world everyone in the world loves him. THE FUNNIEST MAN ON EARTH THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

Daniel Tosh Is Just Plain Hilirious.. Everything He Says Makes Me Want To Lugh My A** Off, Even His Gay Skits Are Freaking Funny Ass Hell. Hes #1, No Bounadries Whatsoever, This Is A True Comedian Everybody Shoul Be Watching

I love him more than any other funny guy if you talk bad about him I will hit you in the face he really is funny though if daniel tosh reads this we need to hang maybe have a yo momma battle come to big sandy Texas high school ok bye ha.

Daniel Tosh is completely hilarious and I love both his show and his comedy specials. He's not afraid of offending anybody and has almost no limits. He may not be #1 but he should definitely be in the top 5.

Tosh pushes the bounds. Nowadays, that's something a lot of comedians are afraid to do. He makes sure to tickle your funny bone and if not, he'll at least get a reaction out of you. Plus, he drinks Snapple!

Sometimes, I feel like a horrible person. Then I listen to some of Daniel Tosh's jokes and can say in complete confidence "If I go to hell for thinking bad thoughts, at least Tosh will be there with me for some comedic relief"

If there's something Daniel Tosh knows about comedy, it's that
1. Nothing is sacred.
2. People enjoy the suffering of others.
A good example is his show. There is not one show where he doesn't make fun of every nationality or at the least most of them. There is also not one show where someone is not shown in pain and he makes it hilarious. He is a riot and I enjoy his dark twisted humor.

He is a sardonic and raunchy comedian, but is by far the best comedian I've ever heard. He brings up current issues and puts a positive spin on everything. With a large amount of sarcasm he is the perfect comedian.

I was looking in the top ten and was shocked to see he wasn't there. He is hilarious, he's one of those comedians that will make you laugh for hours, he can make the littlest things you ever thought could be funny, hilarious. No boundries, that's what I love about him, he makes fun of everyone. Unless you get offended easily, Daniel Tosh should be your favorite

Daniel tosh has a very dry and dark sense of humor which bodes well for someone like me. Best stand up routine I've ever seen which says a lot by my standards.