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201 Carl Hurley

If I could invite 2 guys to my house for Dinner, and one could NOT be Jesus, then the other one WOULD be Carl Hurley.

Pretty old school, but awesome clean humor. Easily one of the funniest old timers out there.

Pretty old school, but awesome clean humor. Easily one of the funniest old timers out there.

202 Reza Attaran

The most hilarious guy ever even when he is serious you laugh he deserves a better rank at least between top 20

He is great

He is the best comedian in Asia 😎

203 Laura Prosko

Very clever jokes! Talented host and comedienne! Very funny lady!

204 Lavell Crawford

This guy is damn funny. You have to rethink your list if Lavell isn't any higher than 210. Come on!

' amazing, and underrated. Also, he is Huell in Breaking Bad

205 Arj Barker

He is a very funny man, and seems like a very genuine person on stage, he also discusses relevant topics, brilliant!

Funniest guy on the planet, my favourite comedian but such a same he is not urrently in the top 190. RIDICULOUS! This guy is the best, go to YouTube and type in Arj Barker 2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival and watch as it will blow your @$$ off

Can't belive there are so many talentless wannabes rated higher than ArjeeBarjee... Sad

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206 Tron Van Nguyen
207 Neil Delamere

Probably never heard of him but hilarious

208 Raju Srivastava

Best stand up comedian from India. Please vote for him. Must see his videos.


best ji

Nothing much to say because I laugh when I remeber him.. He's d best amongst all..

209 Vice Ganda

Its very impossible to you guys if you don't laugh when you see her or his face... Imagine, she has a face of a horse...

Funny jokes, facial expressions, and very witty!

This artist should be in this list. Making Philippine Industry fun.

Very fast mind in thinking for a joke. Like HER so much!

Oh my god best stand up comedian ever!

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210 Raditya Dika

Raditya dika is the best stand up comedian from Indonesia! When you watch him perform you will Laugh Out Loud and maybe you can't stop laugh!

He's currently the BEST stand up comedian from Indonesia =) He will definitely make you laugh out loud every time you watch him performing!

Very Intelligent Comedian. He is Writer Too

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211 Dana Carvey Dana Carvey Dana Thomas Carvey is an American actor and stand-up comedian known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and for playing the role of Garth Algar in the Wayne's World films.

That image is hysterical as hell. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What are you drunk? Dana carvey is the funniest Human alive today. Louis ck? what. Get real

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212 Jennifer Saunders

Is wonderfully funny, one of the funniest woman comedians alive.

213 Joey Coco Diaz

Funniest man on the planet

Funniest comic working today

Should be at least in top 50

240? what YOU MOMO'S?!

214 Heywood Banks
215 Rodney Rude

Rodney rude is the best comedian I've ever seen. He has been around for a long time and he will make anyone laugh

Australian comedians are way better then Americans, Americans are no where near as funny as Australians Rodney is the best along with Billy Birmingham and kevin bloody wilson denis leary is the best American one

216 Jimmy Kimmel

He's awesome one of the most famous in Hollywood

217 Nick DiPaolo Nick DiPaolo

#222 Really? This guy belongs in the top 20 at least. Seen him 3 times and I never stopped laughing once during all 3 shows. He deserves better that #222 for sure.

218 Jeremy Hotz

Look him up, you wont regret it. Hands down the best stand up comedian you will ever have the pleasure of watching!

219 Joe Gatto

I love Joe Gatto on Impractical Jokers. Funniest guy on there.

Funniest comedian and brought impractical jokers to trutv. Defiantly top 10

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220 Varun Grover

Best Stand-up Comedian in India

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