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221 Will Weldon
222 Franklin Ajaye
223 Gerry Dee

Best Canadian Comedian Comic

224 Steve Hughes

Wow, why so low! This guy is an underground, heavy metal comedian with sharp wit and incredible skill. Hugh's intelligent humor is very relevant to the times that we are in at present and he also gets to the core of things that we all would like to say, but that he states so brilliantly. Deserves top 10, no doubt (based on sheer skill alone). - PrincelyVirtu

Heavy Metal comedian what else could you want, dude is amazing!

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225 Joe Wong
226 Godfrey

161? This guy should be at least top 20... This guy is funny as hell! Love his impersonation on arnold schwazenegger, jason statham, denzel, and obama.. And also his African stuff

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227 Tom Segura

I've now seen 2 of his stand up routines and I knew after the first one to not have any food or drink around during his routine. He should quickly be mentioned with the greats of all time.

Most people have never heard of this guy but his stan up album "Thriller" was absolutely brilliant. I don't think anyone else's stand up has made me me laugh so hard

I have been listening to comedy for years. I'm familar and a fan of most of these people on this list. One of my new favorite discoveries is Tom Segura. His delivery is perfect and he has got to be mentioned. New to the scene but I find him hilarious. If you haven't heard of him you have got to check him out! Also, I love Felipe Esparza on They're Not Gonna Laugh At You. For all you comedic fans if you haven't heard of them, take a minute and listen.

Great comic..Awesome relatable routines

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228 Jim Jeffries

Probably too vulgar, too drunk, too racist, too political incorrect. So... He is amazing, funny and so true. You can feel a little ashamed if you laugh as an idiot, but its worthy

He deserves to be in the top 20 if you ask me

What a stupid list how is he not top 20

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229 Mehran Modiri Mehran Modiri V 2 Comments
230 Cem Yılmaz

Passage between Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld, too bad he is not an English speaking artist, otherwise he would have been in the top 10 hands down. Very observant, very funny, very witty and generates and carries a lot of energy.

He may be the best comedian in the world

231 John Belushi John Belushi

How is he not in the top 10? Never fails to make me laugh my ass off!

232 Nemr Abou Nassar

His jokes are hilarious! He really should be first place here. Everyday he gets more and more famous. His last show was in Lebanon and it had 5000 people watching.

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233 Michael Niavarani Michael Niavarani Michael Niavarani is an Austrian stand up comedian, actor and TV personality of Persian descent born on April 29, 1968. more.
234 Rich Little
235 David A. Arnold

One of the best up and coming Comedians I've seen.

Definitely one of the top 10 funniest comedians.

236 Richard Belzer
237 Paula Poundstone

She's hilarious! Her jokes about Bush "He's not my president - I won't do anything he says. " and her cats amazed at her foolhardy bravery when she takes a shower, among others, stay in my head and just keep making me laugh.

238 Alan Carr

My favourite comedian, so funny... " I don't mind being single but it's the dodgy dates, boy have I been on some dodgy dates... How bad can a date be when you have to spike your own drink with rohypnol? " :DDD

239 Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Eric Marlon Bishop, known professionally by his stage name Jamie Foxx, is an American actor, singer, songwriter and comedian.

The problem with Jamie Foxx is that he is too talented. He's not embraced as a comedian wholly, because he's an actor and a pianist and a singer etc.

However, this guy has natural funny and more natural funny than most of the comedians on this list.

How is Jamie Foxx not on this list?! He's mad funny!

I love this guy he's very talented

Genius! He is a great comedian. His jokes are some of the funniest that I have ever sen in my entire life. I believe that he should be wayy ahead on this list

240 Kevin Bridges

I accidently bought a horse. Brilliant! Made Lee Mack look average.

Everything I watched from him is funny. He is still very young. He is another one in the long line of great glaswegian comedians.


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