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241 Hans Teeuwen

Alround dutch comedian and actor. Did a couple of successful shows in English in the UK. Trademarks: absurd, shocking, no moral messages, timeless. From big laughs to making the audience 'uneasy' Check it out on you tube.

242 Max Amini
243 Howie Mandel Howie Mandel

He is hilarious! He once put a cleaning glove over his head, and started breathing in and out, it looked like his head was pounding! Also, he narrated a sex ed video... he was funny, but still kept it informative.

244 Moms Mabley
245 Sean Hughes
246 Bette Midler
247 Jaspal Bhatti
248 D'andre Siggers

FUNNY guy. Makes you laugh even when you don't think you should. And overall he just seems like a real person who wants to make people smile and have a good day.

From making prank calls to doing his famous show to doing his famous routine online. This guy is amazing - xaxismusic

Young talent with lot of life experences to build on his material. Looking forward to see where he goes from here.

249 Ben Miller
250 Vir Das
251 Michael Ian Black

One of the funniest men in the world, hands down.

252 Dolphy Quizon
253 Cem Yilmaz

Hope one day he would be able to express his show in English. I have watch the top ten on this list, I can tell he is better than all of them.

He may be the best comedian in the world.

As a American and Turk... If he would born in America,whole world would know him funniest man ever lived... (David Chappell is good too, but Cem better than him)

254 David Brenner V 1 Comment
255 Salvatore Vulcano
256 Seth MacFarlane Seth MacFarlane Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an American television producer, filmmaker, actor, and singer, working primarily in animation and comedy, as well as live-action and other genres.

He's very underrated as a stand-up comedian. You can see his stand-up talent at Donald Trump's Roast.

# family guy

257 Andy Dick Andy Dick



258 Chris Tall
259 John Bizarre
260 D.C. Benny

This guy is seriously one the funniest guys ever. He preformed on comedy central presents.
-He has amazing accents like Chinese, Jamaican, the Brooklyn accent... amazing. I only saw one performance I give a seriously 10/10

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