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261 Robert Gustafsson

Feel sorry for all the people in the world that doesn't understand Swedish, 'cause you will never understand what the funniest man on the planet is saying...

262 Damon Wayans

Check Out his movie story about the pimp with the three titted aliends. Also does great impressions.

263 Sunil Pal
264 Rob Brydon Rob Brydon
265 Charlie Murphy

RIP Charlie Murphy - Thecyanryan

266 Brian Haner

Brian's very entertaining and funny and also has an awesome talent on playing guitar. Just like his son

He's so funny and inspiring man, who has guitar talent. I love his YouTube comedy videos

He's pretty good. Entertaining and his son is Synyster Gates of AX7 - Johnnyt800

267 Dennis Wolfberg

He was so funny I always laughed my head off. He died way too young at 48.

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268 Bramhanandam

He's the best ever comedian of telugu film industry

269 Bob Saget Bob Saget

I nearly cringed to deaf with his performance in full house and now I nearly laughed to deaf

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270 Red Skelton

So funny and versatile, got by with laughing at his won jokes! Lovable! Funny for all ages... Didn't have to say a word to make you laugh... Great mime! Didn't get dirty minded to be funny. That certain look when he didn't say anything, back over his left shoulder. Would always say
"God Bless" and mean it.

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271 Kyle Kinane

Awesome storytelling with a self deprecating delivery that never fails to please

Truly hilarious, with a great gruff style.


272 Maria Bamford Maria Bamford

One of the most underrated comedians out there. Without question the single most unique. A master of surprise. You won't see it coming. Then she hits you hard with something so damn funny you laugh till it hurts. It's no exaggeration to say she is one of the top ten modern comedians working today.

Dude she may be the most under rated comedian ever. Maria is my all time favorite ever I would die happy just to have a lunch with her and talk.

Love her voices and love her to deathhh
can't believe she is 425 she is the best
i hope I marry a woman at least half as funny

273 Brian Posehn
274 Gurpreet Ghuggi

Ghuggi is a very funny actor. He is also multi dimensional, which really shows how funny he can be.

275 Jimeoin

A must see comedian. He will have you in stitches. Very, Very funny.

276 Wyatt Cenac

To die for funny. He'll take something. And just go on and on and on about it. - MojoSpaederman

277 Martin Mull
278 Trevor Boris
279 Stephen K. Amos
280 Eugene Mirman

He's not that well known but he did have a comedy central presents recently, and thats the only show I've seen him on, and he's not that popular, but I think he's really funny.

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