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281 Henry Cho
282 David Crowe

I'm surprised he's not higher on the list. I'm talking toothy Simpson's type laughter!

283 Bramhanandam

He's the best ever comedian of telugu film industry

284 Jose Marie "Vice Ganda" Viceral

I think, he must join in the list because He is natural comedian.

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285 Bobby Collins

Really one of the funniest guys out there today! His comedy is current, fresh and based on every day life. Hilarious!

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286 T. J. Miller

"because you can't check a pinata, THAT SHKULD BE A T-shirt! " His stand up "No real reason" had me laughing the ENTIRE set. Very underrated comedian but very very funny.

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287 Jesse Joyce
288 Jack Benny Jack Benny

Please watch some of the old Jack Benny programs to see just how funny this man and his team of regulars were. Jack had impeccable delivery, and could say so much by not saying anything at all! Johnny Carson said he "borrowed" many of Jack Benny's mannerisms. Jack's humor was clean, unlike many comedians today.

Somebody has to do more to promote the Dead Comedians Society so people can find out how great performers like Benny were and still are.

This guy is comedy gold. He's a classic.

289 Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis is an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, film director, screenwriter and humanitarian.

You have missed some Greats, what's up

Always kept it clean, unlike others

Jerry Lewis is The King Of Comedy. He should be in the top ten because he deserves it more than anyone.
They don't make comedians like him anymore. He is the greatest of all time. People shouldn't brush him aside just because he's not current. He is more sussesful than all of the comedians put together today. I'm only 18 but I know a Genius when I see one.

Dünyaca ünlü bir komedi oyuncusu. Charlie Chaplin ve Bob Hope ile birlikte en iyi Amerikan komedyenlerden biri...

290 Craig Shoemaker

The LOVE MASTER way down here. That's wrong!

291 Papa CJ
292 Aries Spears

Dude is hella funny. You all need to watch his stand up. Plus mad T.V.?

293 Hannibal Buress

Fantastic humor that comes from experience and coincidence. The type of joke you can feel, rather than just understand. Hannibal is one of the fellas; just has better jokes! Beats the hell outta Dane Cook anytime.

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294 Jackie Gleason

Hilarious in "The Honeymooners." Gut-busting funny. Crazy to have him down here in the list.

295 Colin Mochrie

Absolutely one of the funniest improve artists I've witnessed. Very VERY quick witted. Can make other comedians laugh and give up on the bit because they can't keep up. Watch "who's line it is anyway" and if you're able, watch the outtakes on that show.

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296 Howie Mandel Howie Mandel

He is hilarious! He once put a cleaning glove over his head, and started breathing in and out, it looked like his head was pounding! Also, he narrated a sex ed video... he was funny, but still kept it informative.

297 Jen Kirkman

I think she is so funny have listened to her on many pod casts and she always makes me laugh

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298 Taylor Mason
299 Taylor Williamson

He got in Americas got talant and got second place!

He is the funniest man alive

300 Peter Cook Peter Cook
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