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321 Bob Nelson

I reached page number 3 and STILL didn't see Bob Nelson.
Comedian, for who Rodney Dangerfield, (who is in Top 50) says: I used to work with Bob, but after a couple of years I stopped working with him. How can you work with someone who is funnier than you?
:D :D Bob Nelson is the Greatest for me. NO Dirty words. Great impersonations. If you watch Jiffy Jeff, and then watch Eppy Epperman, you will end up saying "Great Actors, I like them"
But hey... This is one actor... And it's Bob Nelson - nickyyotov

322 Bobcat Goldthwait

Very funny comedian! Really connects with his audience well and his voice makes his jokes even funnier!

323 Bob Marley Bob Marley Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley was a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim.

He's hysterical! And not on the list?

324 Duncan Trussell
325 Nicole Parker
326 Tom Cotter

He was on Americas Got Talent and he was hilarious! I loved all of his jokes and he made me laugh out loud.

This guy is incredible! Everyone gets his jokes never a dull moment

327 Gary Gulman

Love this guy! His grapefruits bit is unbelievably funny.

Hysterical and sophisticated

328 Stephen Merchant Stephen Merchant

I went through the entire list to find one of my favorite comedians at 357. What the hell is this? I mean, he's not for everyone, you either like him or you don't, but I love him and believe he should be higher

Just saying'

Should be a lot higher, very original material delivered perfectly.

Seriously needed to be on here earlier

329 Randy Kagan
330 Kumar
331 Kumail Nanjiani
332 Jon Lajoie Jon Lajoie Jonathan "Jon" Lajoie is a Canadian comedian, actor, rapper, singer, musician, and Internet celebrity from Montreal, Quebec.

Jon Lajoie is the best! Just listen to songs like "I kill people" funny asf

333 James P. Connolly
334 Tom Papa
335 Kyle Kinane

Awesome storytelling with a self deprecating delivery that never fails to please

Truly hilarious, with a great gruff style.

336 Gad Elmaleh

The only problem is that he doesn't talk English. He's preferred language is French. But I am 100% sure that he is the best stand up comedian ever. Especially with his "L'autre c'est moi" and "papa est en haut". He's even a musician and a singer, and uses all his talents in his shows. Chapeau bas Gad!

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337 Roy Chubby Brown
338 Chris Farley Chris Farley

I think he should not be this far back people

339 Kanan Gill

His comedy special, 'Keep It Real', is just brilliant. It's so well written. I wish it was released on a global platform.

Very very amusing and hilarious person. Amongst the best comedians... Best known for his pretentious movie reviews with biswa. Kanan gill rocks!

340 Bianca Del Rio

Obviously the funniest comedian out there she is just the best there is! Look her up people - SexySiren666

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