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61 Don Rickles

Best Roast by far! Still sharp as a wit at his age, id put him up against anyone out there today

64? Sixty-four? Are you kidding me? This guy is the father of insult comedy! He is so hilarious and he never has to swear to amuse! This man is a comedic genius! He should be in the top 5 for christ's sake!

Why is Carlin rated one? Rickles always had the audience on the floor laughing. Carlin bombed twice for me, even repeating lines. The comedians ahead of his show outshined him both times.

Ok, he may not be the greatest comedian of all time, but this guy was still a class A comic. He's hilarious, a classic. Should be in top 5. My top six: 1. Carlin, 2. Chappelle, 3. Pryor, 4. Cosby, 5. Rickles, 6. Murphy.

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62 Mike Birbiglia

Best storytelling joke comedian maybe not best overall yet of all time but he is without a doubt the GOAT of storytelling joke comedian and not to say that is all he is he really is one of the greatest ever already and only time will tell where he goes down on the list of greatest ever. I also don't think people that aren't huge stand up fans have any idea how much this man has been and still currently is envied by many of big names even when he was a kid. I mean you can find videos on youtube of burr and maron talking about it even you sort of have to read between the lines with burr but maron he just flat out tells the truth about why he resented him. One of the biggest things a ton of people said about him was he didn't deserve all his success and whatever because his sister was in television business and other bs the point is when so many greats needed to try to take him down you know you are doing pretty good and I don't just mean those two I mean a lot of comics knew he is a ...more

One of the most professional and authentic comedians ever. Been my favorite stand up before he was remotely famous. I can't believe he is ranked 85 and definitely isn't getting the credit he deserves but rankings don't really matter. Been to several top ranked universities and honestly the smartest person I have ever met was at a community college. Birbigs 4 life.

"I went to a dance club the other night, which was timely, because my self-esteem had been hovering around normal and I'd been meaning to knock it down to -1000. "

Sorry had to vote again you guys think Seinfeld is top ten and birbigs is in the 80 s lol

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63 John Cleese John Cleese

Hilarious the scene in fawlty towers where he beats up his car with a branch my I almost wet myself.

Dane Cook is 19 and John Cleese is 64. I must be dreaming. - 445956

64 Mike Ward

Mike Ward is my favorite humorist. His jokes, always stinging, are in contrast with his personality. Mike is a very human and empathetic person.

Nasty stand up, great sense of improvisation. Maybe the best ever seen. Happy to have him in quebec. Vote for him. Going to see an amazing show 29 june 2011

Mike you are the best. My husband and I are gonna see you on April 12, at the St-Denis. Can't wait! I bought tickets for his Christmas gift!

Funniest guy I've seen. Ever.

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65 Bill Bailey Bill Bailey

This guy is the most under-rated comedian out! He has me laughing just as much as gevais, eddie murphy and lee evans. Plus I meet him in tesco's brook green, hammersmith. As good a reason as any to vote for someone I think.

Underrated and simply complex! A comical genius and an authentic performer that doesn't require a badly tuned poll to validate his ability! Wembley stadium is surely enough to validate the true comical craftsmen. Part troll is a comedians masterpiece!

Bill bailey is a creative comedian with his own style which just cracks people up. Not only is he a good comedian but he also is a nice guy. He's a guy you just want to meet

Not just a very good comedian, but a talented musician as well. His Kraftwerk version of the Hokie Kokie always leaves me in stitches.

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66 Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Joan Alexandra Molinsky, better known as Joan Rivers, was an American comedian, actress, writer, producer, and television host noted for her often controversial comedic persona - where she was alternately self-deprecating or sharply acerbic, especially toward celebrities and politicians.

Joan Rivers is considered one of the best comedians of all time. Why is she on the last page?

What the hell? Joan and Kathy Griffin should both be in the top 25, not past 400! - PolishGuy

She was very good and I think most people who know what she did just loved it and her

So funny and very quick. RIP

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67 Lee Evans Lee Evans

By far and away the BEST comedian alive today. He continually sells out arenas in the uk which is not something many comedians can do. And instead of getting big headed he remains with his feet firmly on the ground and head screwed on. My face and sides hurt from laughing too much last time I saw him. Just amazing! He always rounds off with a relevant and very well performed song which tops off the unique atmosphere created by this legend!

Absolutely hilarious...! Should be in top ten comfortably! Brilliant comedian

Lee Evans is by far my favourite comedian. I love the fact that he doesn't just stand there and tell jokes, but how he gets involved by throwing himself around the stage and singing at the end. Yes, I understand that many complain that he sweats a lot, but I think it just proves how hard he works to put on a great show, which he does every time! He seems like a lovely person and is a fantastic comedian. He should DEFINITELY be in the top 10 and he makes me cry with laughter every time I watch him! Phenomenal!

Lee Evans is a master piece on one spot. One of the first comedians to preform on stages, where bands could only take place, at the time. I'm shocked at the fact he's not even in the top 20's, people should have better taste, to others that are higher up. But opinions are opinions, but Lee Evans is fact, he's a true work of art, and should be higher ranked, I'm honestly shocked, I've seen him live on his monster ture, and his last one of that. He was a role model, to many, including me. So to Lee, your my number one hero and role model, and u should be more recognisable to people, who have a taste for comedy and not.

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68 Russell Brand Russell Brand

Wow, I'm completely speechless that he is only #35!? I guess you might have to have the more inappropriate type of humor to like him. But still, come one he is completely hilarious, not to mention his awesome sense of style, his completely sexy accent, and not to mention that awesome hair of his!

Genius hilarious British comedian. Very quick on his feet and not afraid to talk to audience or address hecklers. He tends to get a little stuck on sex but has delivered brilliant routines otherwise.

�I like threesomes with two women, not because I'm a cynical sexual predator. Oh no! But because I'm a romantic. I'm looking for "The One. " And I'll find her more quickly if I audition two at a time. �

He is just naturally funny.

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69 Joe Rogan

'Train by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night. All day! ' Joe Rogan has the ability to couple deeply philosophic subject matter with a simplistic delivery that makes everyone laugh and think. There's also plenty of good ol' raunchy humor in his act. And he's a cool guy to boot.

Honestly the fact that joe rogan isn't in the top 10 makes this list a joke. One of the funniest guys out there. The only reason he isn't as mainstream is cause he does all his stuff his own way. Totally orginal guy who doesn't care who he's pisses off. That and he's hight all the time. Laugh out loud

Joe is the guy in comedy who feeds your intellect and yet, regardless of the complex content, can make it very simplistic and laughable. One of my favorite comedians.

Are yo kidding me? Joe Rogan is cool,he should be in the top ten.This list is a joke!

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70 Jeff Ross Jeff Ross Jeffrey Ross Lifschultz, known professionally as Jeff Ross, is an American stand-up comedian, insult comic, actor, director and author.

Jeff ross is great, especially on roasts, he can tear you a new one, if you know what I mean should be higher on the list

Jeff Ross is hilarious. He makes the funniest jokes on roasts. - NoEntranceHere

He is the king of roasting. My favorite comedian definitely!

The roast general deserves a push for top 50 ''too soon, too soon.'' - htoutlaws2012

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71 Ron White

He is my favorite ever! I think he is so funny, I love his personality too! He cracks me up every time!

This guy hands down should be in the top 10 not top 50! Tells it like it is and you will laugh until cry. I wish Ron would come to Phoenix. He is appearing mostly in Vegas and Texas. If I had the extra cash I'd pay for air fare to see him in person! He is a must watch!

My personal favorite, witty without being overbearing, you can tell he's very intelligent, but he doesn't rub it in your face. Perfect understanding of comedic timing and always has a truly hilarious premise.

My favorite of all time.

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72 Andrew Dice Clay

Dice is one of the funniest comedians ever! Nobody does comedy like dice does ya hear! ohhhhhh

Only stand up comedian I laugh at. Makes me giggle like a little girl. Funniest comedian bar none.

Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a buck and a quarter; Jill came back with two-fifty. OH!

Little miss muffet...

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73 Emo Phillips

An excellence comedian who is unapologetic in mannerism and content. One of those rare people who manages to make everyone feel good by making himself feel terrible. On purpose, even!

"I was at the bar the other day, hopping from barstool to barstool, trying to get lucky. But there wasn't gum under any of them." The best one-liner comic of the 80's.

Really really funny man with a terrific sense of the droll! He makes the world seem funny just because he sees it with new eyes, and then I do too.

The Animal Square Dance. 'enough said.

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74 Lee Mack Lee Mack Lee Gordon McKillop, known as Lee Mack, is an English stand-up comedian and actor best known for writing the sitcom Not Going Out and starring in it as the main character, also called Lee.

87?! He is the one man that can cheer me up on a bad day, and that shows some real skill! - LorenLavigne

A true stand up comedian has the skill to involve the audience. Lee does that, brilliantly! One of my all time favorites

He is awesome at sketch's, like the sketch show

Lee is amazing especially in not going out he should be number 1!

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75 Rhod Gilbert Rhod Gilbert Rhodri "Rhod" Paul Gilbert is a Welsh comedian who was nominated in 2005 for the Perrier Best Newcomer Award.

Should be further up the list. Clever use of language without having to swear all the time.

BY FAR THE GR8EST! Hilarious! Witty! Original! Creative! Extremely Versatile.!... The list goes on and on really.

He should place at top the best comedian he has very nice sense of humor and he the lager of fan following on planet he is popular by his own show CNWK and he also starring in Hus first Bollywood debut.

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76 Martin Lawrence Martin Lawrence Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, and voice actor.

! This guy has a direct line to my tickle bone. How the hell they have Martin Lawrence this far down. This site should be taken down immediately!

Kathy Griffin & Chelsea Handler is higher then Martin What!

The Greatest Of All Time

He's awesome

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77 Jack Whitehall Jack Whitehall

THE best comedian ever! He's in fresh meat and has his own show... His stand up is hilarious I have never laughed so much, in my life. 122 is an joke this person should be number 1 x

Genuine love for this man brilliant stand up, actor, host and writer - onedaywecanrun

If you don't know who he is you haven't lived just watch fresh meat to see what I mean!

Absolutely phenomenal at story telling.

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78 Christopher Titus

He is the next george carlin. Telling it like it is and he will not be ranked high because it makes "normal people mad". What ever that means. He is perfect comedy for anyone who grew up as a red dot in a blue sea, and now you find yourself as a blue dot in a red sea.

He is able to turn stories, sometimes decidedly sad stories into funny ones that you are able to relate to and laugh at and, his timing, accents, delivery and vast amounts of material is off the charts, he deserves a higher ranking

Titus is one of a kind in thew comedy world he is a top tenner what the hell is dane cook and russell peters doing above this guy what an insult those guys are not clever at all.

How is he so far down the list. He is GREAT!

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79 Harry Hill Harry Hill Harry Hill is an English comedian, author and television presenter best known for narrating You've Been Framed!

How is he not in here already the funniest man on T.V I can't believe it he should be at least in top 50 come on people in don't expect him to go high on the list now but still give this hilarious man a vote or two - aido17

Not exactly sure if he is an actual stand up comedian but why has nobody added him in already the funniest man on T.V without a doubt - aido17

80 David Cross David Cross David Cross is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer, known primarily for his stand-up performances, the HBO sketch comedy series Mr.

having kids isn't hard. talking your girlfriend in to her 3rd consecutive abortion, now that takes finesse.

David Cross is vastly underrated. At his best, his political comedy is right up there with Carlin and Hicks, and his bits on religion are scathing.

Isn't he in Alvin and the chipmunks

Watch pride is back...

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