Top Ten Funniest and Strangest Electronic Names

This is the top 10 funniest and strangest electronic names.

The Top Ten

1 ISamsungGalxay
2 IKillDora

If this exists, everyone will have one!

Good name because we all want to kill Dora! - turtwig

Yes really funniest name! - paasadani

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3 IKindle

Apple should sue Amazon for copyright infringement of the letter I. - PositronWildhawk

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4 IGoogleNexus
5 IFlappyBird

Haha everything on this list has an I! But I voted for this one because Flappy Bird is so annoying! - keyson

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6 IMusicPhone

Stupid name isn't that basically an iPhone? - FrankP

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7 IAngryBirds

I-sing the Angry Birds would be going too far for apple. They are plenty rich by the way. - Kiteretsunu

Mom! I'm going to play some Angry Birds!
Ok sweetie, be back at 7:35
Mom, I'm got going anywhere, I'm playing on a phone. - JaysTop10List

8 IOmegle
9 ISlenderman
10 IMadonna

IMadonna is bad for 3 reasons 1 it means Mother Mary ( mother of Jesus for catholic Christians 2 it's a latin name and 3 odd name I MODONNA - bryan13

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11 icomparer
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