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1 Seas. 05 Ep. 08: Changing Channels

Yes, a agree this episode should've Number 1! Go, Gabriel!

This should've number 1

2 Seas. 02 Ep. 15: Tall Tales
3 Seas. 04 Ep. 06: Yellow Fever

This is my favourite episode. It is the funniest and my hilarious episode in the whole series so far. I love Dean's singing, him screaming when the cat jumps out of the locker and running away from the ghost and how he acts when he gets scared from everything he sees - ChelseaPurnell

This episode is the funniest from Supernatural and is a good episode.
Dean singing is hilarious!

When the cat jumps out of the locker, it's a silent hill or resident evil reference. I can't remember which one exactly.

4 Seas. 03 Ep. 11: Mystery Spot

As funny as it is Dean screaming because of a cat in Yellow Fever, Mystery Spot far funnier - LoveMeSomePie

This episode is so funny, I love it when Dean is dancing when Sam wakes up and Dean gets hit and squashed haha - ChelseaPurnell

5 Seas. 03 Ep. 03: Bad Day at Black Rock

Love it, it's so hilarious when sam gets all this terrible luck, and nearly gets killed you'll see why that's funny.

6 Seas. 06 Ep. 15: The French Mistake

This should be number 1 because Sam and Dean get thrown into another reality by balthazar and they have to pretend to be themselves (Jared and Jensen).

7 Seas. 04 Ep. 04: Monster Movie
8 Seas. 01 Ep. 17: Hell House
9 Seas. 10 Ep. 05: Fan Fiction

Destiel references, the singing, Dean dramatically looking into the camera, forgetting the existence of their own brother... It's hilarious


10 Seas. 3 Ep. 13: Ghostfacers

I didn't really like this one, I just like the scenes when the Ghostfacers are stupid and not thinking straight - ChelseaPurnell

Oh my god, this episode is at my top five. It's so hilarious and the Ghostfacers are stupid in their own special way. And the things they say are just amazing.

"Ed, you gotta be gay for that poor dead intern. You gotta send him into the light! "

Dean : "Hey, Ed, listen to me. There's some salt in my duffel. Make a circle and get inside."
Ed : "Inside your duffel bag? "
Dean : "In the salt, you idiot! " - Supernatural

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11 Seas. 05 Ep. 09: The Real Ghostbusters
12 Seas. 05 Ep. 03: Free to Be You and Me

Castiel at a strip club, come on! - jaggu99

13 Seas. 13 Ep. 16 Scoobynatural
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1. Seas. 02 Ep. 15: Tall Tales
2. Seas. 04 Ep. 06: Yellow Fever
3. Seas. 05 Ep. 08: Changing Channels


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