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1 Seas. 05 Ep. 08: Changing Channels

Yes, a agree this episode should've Number 1! Go, Gabriel!

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2 Seas. 02 Ep. 15: Tall Tales
3 Seas. 04 Ep. 06: Yellow Fever

This episode is the funniest from Supernatural and is a good episode.
Dean singing is hilarious!

When the cat jumps out of the locker, it's a silent hill or resident evil reference. I can't remember which one exactly.

4 Seas. 03 Ep. 03: Bad Day at Black Rock

Love it, it's so hilarious when sam gets all this terrible luck, and nearly gets killed you'll see why that's funny.

5 Seas. 03 Ep. 11: Mystery Spot

As funny as it is Dean screaming because of a cat in Yellow Fever, Mystery Spot far funnier - LoveMeSomePie

6 Seas. 06 Ep. 15: The French Mistake

This should be number 1 because Sam and Dean get thrown into another reality by balthazar and they have to pretend to be themselves (Jared and Jensen).

7 Seas. 04 Ep. 04: Monster Movie
8 Seas. 01 Ep. 17: Hell House
9 Seas. 10 Ep. 05: Fan Fiction

Destiel references, the singing, Dean dramatically looking into the camera, forgetting the existence of their own brother... It's hilarious


10 Seas. 3 Ep. 13: Ghostfacers V 1 Comment

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11 Seas. 05 Ep. 09: The Real Ghostbusters
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