Funniest Things About the Game Air Control

The Top Ten

1 The Way the Passengers Always Say, "Cola and Meal Please, No Bread."
2 The Way It Tricks You Into Playing Flappy Plane
3 When the Zombie Was Apparently a Terrorist

Pilot: The terrorists are apparently zombies from the undead, and they're hijacking our plane. Shall I fight them back with the airplanes steering wheel? - StephanTheIdiot

4 How the Time-Skips Are Completely Random
5 How the Passengers Don't Do Anything But Sit In Their Same Positions Throughout the Game
6 When the Surgeons Leave Raw Brains and Kidneys In the Aisles
7 How the People Don't Care About Drowning
8 How There Are Dwarfs, Zombies, and Handsome Businessmen Running the Airlines
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