Funniest Things That Could Happen During a Hockey Game

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The Ice Melts

Is there such thing as swim hockey? lol

Watch out with golbal warming! Haha - keyson

Haha! Nice comment keyson. - Kiteretsunu

The Lights Go Out

Be just like when oilers played Bruins and the power went out after a goal by oilers, happened before I was born, I did see a video of it on youtube - trains45

I saw this happen when blackhawks and new york Islanders were playing at united center the lights went out during play then the referees blew the whistle right away

It have happened to me before - hockeykid58

Justin Bieber Sings

This would not be funny at all. It would totally suck - Ajkloth

Your Skate Blade Falls Off

When this occurs it's quite funny to see the person try and get back to the bench! - Curti2594

The Refs Fight
Everyone Wears a Cape
2 Players On the Same Team Fight
You Score On the Wrong Net

This happened to me yesterday on nhl legacy edition I scored in the wrong net with the goalie by mistake - trains45

The Coaches Fight
Both of Your Goalies Get Injured So You Have None Left

That once happened in a hawks game, and Brandon bollig had to be the goalie

The Contenders

Eskimos Make Camp On the Ice
When a Player Scores A Hat Trick and a Hat Falls On His Head
Score a goal at the same time the lights turn off
Score a Goal with a Broken Stick

I seen this happen before on youtube when someone broke the stick and scored at the same time - trains45

Score a Goal in a Funny Way
Score a Goal at the Same Time the Fire Alarm Goes Off
Score in Your Own Goal During a Delayed Penalty
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