Top Ten Best and Funniest Things to Do After You Listen to the Song "Happy"

The Top Ten

1 Hum It In Your Head While You Are Working

To be honest, I would rather hum a less annoying song. Pharrell's better when he's with Daft Punk, so I'll "Work all night to get lucky" - PositronWildhawk

If you do it, I definitely thing that your co workers are going to laugh and do the same thing. HAHA.

2 Dance Around Like A Professional Athlete Dancer

This could be the funniest thing ever to see when you live in Los Angeles. You could do the moves, and you could become the funniest dancer ever with the song "Happy" playing.

3 Tell It To Someone Else And Dare Them To Dance

You: I dare you to dance the song "Happy."
Stranger or Friend: (Dancing in front of women)
You: HAHA.

4 Fall Asleep During The Day And Draw A Picture of "Happy" While Sleep Walking

Doing it in your sleep, then your wife would come down, and ask you what you are doing. Then you tell her you are drawing pictures of "Happy." Then your wife says, really? That's lame. I breaking up with you she says.

5 Listen To It While Exercising

You could do all of the moves while doing yoga.

6 Say "Cause I'm Happy About My Wife" In Front Of The U.S.

Then everyone would just laugh so hard you would just keep doing while "Happy" is playing in the background.

7 Buy Buy A Large Speaker And Sing "Happy" In Front Of The World

Everyone would just think you are funny but yet weird if you ever do that.

8 Write The Lyrics Of "Happy" During A Survey or Test

This could be the funniest thing ever if you ever write the lyrics. Then you could definitely get an F.

9 Dance The Song and Do Jumping Dancing Jacks During The Part Where It Says "Because I'm Happy"

Wow this could really shake your house. Just watch out for your animals.

10 Play "Happy" During A Wedding

It could be the fourth best thing to do and yet be funny.

The Contenders

11 Destroy Something and Make a Big Production Out of It
12 Acting Serious and Saying Sarcastic Things

Seriously this is so funny! 😂😂

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