Top Ten Funniest Things to Do In a Classroom

What are some of the funniest things to do in a classroom? (Note: This is for humour only. This is not meant to offend nor be taken seriously. Yes. Do not do any of this. That would be bad.)

The Top Ten

1 When the teacher presents to you a question on the whiteboard with an X in it, throw a sharp pen or pencil at the X and hope it spears the middle. If it does say "X marks the spot."

May I recommend sharpening your pen to shape it like a dart and adding a tail? You may not get far with it otherwise. - PositronWildhawk

I can't admit how many times I have wanted to do this during algebra.

I never did, however, as whiteboards are expensive and I don't really feel like paying for a new one. - RaineSage

You must also try it with the compus and divider - Toucan

It could go badly wrong-
It could kill the teacher. Wait, is that a bad thing?
Okay. It could gurt Mr. Whiteboard. - Fandom_Lover

2 Run over and scream at the teacher that he/she killed Larry, and then get a plush toy out of your bag and pretend to grieve over it.

I now have a larry. I am Larrys mother, he is a piece of paper.



3 Flop around on the table acting drunk, then when the teacher comes over then insist you are low on battery.

I did it and got expelled

This made me laugh! A lot! Great list, RaineSage! - Britgirl

Yes this is a reference to BH6. I am sorry I couldn't resist! - RaineSage

Like in BH6! :D

4 Pretend to be a robot as you silently watch the teacher, answering in mechanical tones and terminology if the teacher picks you to answer.

"There is a 65/100 chance that the required answer is pineapples. If the required answer is not pineapples, please mention the answer so I can note it into my database for later reference." - RaineSage

Good science grade for you.

Teach will get pissed.
Then again, she or he will on all of these things.

5 Begin whacking your ruler at the air, and insist you are fighting against evil beings.

Yeah... If this happened I would be laughing so hard for some reason. - RaineSage



6 Whenever the teacher asks you to hand something out, drop it all over the floor and insist that you were checking to see if gravity still works.

Students in advanced physics practicals still make gravity related mistakes. Can't quite see why a capacitor is needed as a test mass... - PositronWildhawk

CRASH! Oh okay then, gravity still works. Now let's use the powers of magic beds to hand these out. - RaineSage

Well just reading that made me laugh and seen a vision of me doing I’ve got the giggle now.

7 When the teacher picks on you to answer a question, replace a completely random word with something similar completely different to it and then scream "Damn you autocorrect!" while writhing in the ground in agony.

If this happened in my school, I would be laughing so hard! - Pegasister12

No comment needed here! - RaineSage

8 In a computer class (it is called different things around the world) randomly walk over to other students' computers and rotate the screens with Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Key. (differs) If the teacher complains turn off their computer using a shortcut.

Only works on certain operating systems. I find it much funnier to distract someone while a friend turns the monitor off. - PositronWildhawk

This has happened several times in my Computer class. I laughed hard every time somebody did that to the class. - RaineSage

I used Ctrl+Alt+Down on everyone else's screens to turn it upside down. Everyone's reaction was hilarious!

Lol, my friend must have seen this she did the say thing.

9 Set a bell as your ring tone, and time it to ring 5 minutes before the end of your final lesson.

A student actually did this. No kidding. - RaineSage

That actuallu happend before.. - Fandom_Lover

Someon once blew airhorns like crazy at the end of school last week

10 Jump on the table and do the macarena while singing Tomboys' It's Ok to Be Gay

Comedy gold

Bigg m00d

The Newcomers

? When someone raises their hand, give them a high five.

The Contenders

11 Walk into the wall, pretending it is the door, and wonder why you are not going anywhere.

Hey I am meant to be outside why am I nowhere?! - RaineSage

12 Complain about how hard life is when you're a vegetarian while chewing on a piece of beef jerky

I would do that

13 Fill a bucket of balls and tip them down the stairs and yell ''MY BALLS!''


Hella funny

14 Raise your hand and say you need to use the bathroom and when you are asked if going sit sadly and say "i already did"

I did this, and I got in trouble and got 2 detentions

15 Get everyone to wear hoodies to school and then put the hoods up in class and just stare at the teacher

Bring basball eyeshadow and put it under the kids eyes then have them rub water on the eyeshadow.

I’ve done this before and it was absolutely hilarious 😂

16 Everytime the teacher asks you a question, proceed to make the sound of a horse.

Teacher: Okay so tell me how did-
Me: Neigh
Teacher: Excuse me?
Me: Neigh
Teacher: Let me ask you again, how did-
Me: NEIGH! - Pegasister12

17 When some one knocks on the door scream "Hideeee"

I think this is against the law

18 When the class is silent, proceed to clap your hands together and make seal noises.

Class: *silent*
Me: *claps* *seal noises*
Class & Teacher: what? - Pegasister12

19 To every question anybody asks, say something with donald trump in it. For example, your friend says,”what time is it?” you: whatever time donald trump says it is!
20 If someone tells you to keep your voice down, get on the floor and say, "Okay!"
21 Tell your teacher you are too lazy to be in class and fall to the floor. Don't get up!

I'll do it today and see what happens fingers crossed I don't get told off

Mmmeee when I wake up

22 If you are next to an empty desk, ask it if you can borrow a pencil
23 Stumble into walls while muttering "I swear to drunk, I'm not God."
24 Get the whole class to protest against chairs, and sit on the floor. If the teacher stops everyone, protest against tables, etc.
25 Take your teacher's desk apart

This would be gold

26 When the teacher asks a question and the class goes silent shout 'hey guys let's call pizza hut and ask for dominos number."
27 Shout "give me a purple nurple"
28 When someone mentions Germany, yell "THE NAZIS ARE COMING!" at the top of your lungs
29 Pull out a comic book in the middle of class, then point at a panel and laugh hysterically
30 Ask the teacher if you can play Minecraft every 5 minutes
31 If the teacher has left the room, when he/she comes back, get the whole class to stand up and sing 'We Don't Need No Education'
32 Every time the intercom comes on, yell "THE PIGS FOUND ME!!!!!" or something like that.
33 Raise your hand and when the teacher calls on you, say you were pointing to the ceiling.
34 Shout "I keep hearing these voices" when someone says something on the P.A.

A kid in my class did this and now he is in a mental hospital...

35 Go up to the teacher and ask to go the bathroom
36 Ask your teacher if they can escort you out of school
37 Walk into a random classroom and start doing some Egyptian like dance.
38 Go stand on a desk and yell "hit the deck" when there is knocking on the door.


39 Draw random pictures on the chalkboard

When I was in high school kids kept drawing pictures of elephant butts so I drew poop and clouds of fart on them

I had a class called graderoom and I was allowed to do this in that class. The possibilities were ENDLESS!

40 Ask your teacher to kill Gary, and hand her a stuffed animal
41 Ask the teacher to take your sibling's tongue from the hidden cubby in your desk
42 Yell "I am a karate chop baby" at the top of your lungs while standing on the table
43 Bring a laser pointer to school and point it at the teachers face. The whole class will start laughing.
44 When the class is really quiet, jump up and run across the room. Tap on someone's shoulder and say "Tag! You're it!
45 Bring a sweater to class, get on a table, then squat and wave your arms up and down screaming ¨flappy bird¨ and proceed to run around the class jumping on and off chairs. If the teacher tries to stop you, begin to squawk.

I did this, my teacher is trying to get me arrested. what.

46 When you are working on your computer, put something like a police siren on.

I would do some thing that sounds like the fire alarm

47 Pick your nose and then show the teacher your golden nugget.
48 Shout/scream mayonnaise on the top of your lungs
49 Go hide in the bathroom and if someone comes in shout "I'm breaking the rules"
50 At random, squawk like a bird.
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