Top Ten Funniest Things to Do and Say When You Meet a Creepypasta Character

The Top Ten

1 Slap Them with A Fish Shouting "This is Spartaaaaa!!!"

Jeff the Killer: THIS IS MADNESS

2 Sing "Baby" by Justin Bieber
3 Sing the Summa-Lumma Part in Rap God by Eminem
4 Say : "OH MY GOSH! IT'S (insert creepypasta)-KUN! KAWAII DESU!" (for fangirls only)

(jk I hate creepypasta) - Brobusky

5 Dance Randomly
6 Throw Pancakes at Them
7 Run Around Yelling "Help! There is an evil doctor in my room!"
8 Give Them A Potato
9 "Hey there. Your face is missing. I can help you to find it." (Slenderman)

The Contenders

11 Acknowledge the fact that they are not real and they will start to phase out of reality
12 "So... How are the kids?"
13 Hey can I borrow your knife? (Jeff)

So stupid - Pokemonfan10

14 Sing sexy and I know it by lmfao
15 Fart
16 Jeff if I showed you your future wife would you eyes fly out? (Jeff)
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