Top 10 Funniest Things That Happened In The Classic Nickelodeon Series Rocko's Modern Life

In celebration of the incredibly overrated yet hilarious (post-modern satirical masterpiece of a) show's twenty-fifth anniversary as well as Static Cling hopefully coming out at least relatively soon at this point

The Top Ten

1 Filburt accidentally destroys the entire world in a game of Wheel Of Fortune (with the wheel itself, no less) in Fortune Cookie

Rest assured, Rocko and Hutchison, that Filburt will be loving you always
(until everyone's food is naught but lima beans)
(until the Wheel Of Fortune wipes the whole Earth clean)
(until the traffic lights are perma-stuck on red)
(until everything that this show stood for is DEAD)
(until the Spongebob flies and Rockos live at sea)
(until everything in this show becomes a meme)
(until this show looks like it's set in the right time)
(until Nickelodeon answers for its CRIMES) - xandermartin98

2 Filburt engages himself in a full-on gay marriage with Rocko in Kiss Me I'm Foreign

And he's pretty massively into it, believe me

"Hey, honey, may I please give you a foot massage? "
IN RELATED NEWS: Rocko's facial expression at the wedding ceremony when it initially happens is absolutely priceless as well - xandermartin98

3 Heffer and Filburt voyeuristically film Rocko walking down his staircase naked in Camera Shy

"He ain't dressed for the OCCASION, if ya know what I MEAN"
Becomes even funnier when Rocko sees the film being publicly distributed - xandermartin98

What? You mean the recording is still out there?! - Rocko

The entire episode was funny. Easily the funniest episode of the show. - AliciaMae

4 Heffer and Filburt engage in a vicious fistfight over a stack of potato chips (culminating in the latter forcefeeding the former a car engine) in Put Out To Pasture

"YOU LIKE THAT?! YOU LIKE EATING THAT?! OH, I'VE GOT AN IDEA, ALL RIGHT! SINCE YOU ATE THE POTATO, YOU CAN EAT THE LIGHT BULB! " (ironically, this actually works in turning Heffer into a living potato battery, saving the two of them and Rocko from failing their local high school's science class)
(Also, seeing Rocko and Filburt dance in their underwear atop the massive heap of potato bolus in Heffer's mouth while singing like little schoolgirls was just utterly priceless as well) - xandermartin98

5 Rocko walks in on Spunky making out with his floor-scrubbing mop in Clean Lovin'

I'm pretty sure that wasn't water that was dripping from it (lenny face) - xandermartin98

6 Mrs. Bighead tries to seduce Rocko into having sex with her in Leap Frogs

"Uncomfortable" doesn't even BEGIN to describe how Rocko felt about it, believe me - xandermartin98

7 Rocko, Heffer and Filburt make an entire episode of Wacky Delly that is just a 20-minute still shot of a jar of mayonnaise (probably in reference to Andy Warhol's 10-hour-long Empire State Building film) in Wacky Deli


8 Mr. Bighead finishing off his bowling game with a shot so bad that it demolishes the entire alley while also leaving every single one of the pins still standing in Gutter Balls

"I don't NEED two balls to win this one! "
(sees what happens during the final shot of his career)
(literally collapses into a big pile of bowling pins in unbearable shame) - xandermartin98

9 Heffer gets psychotically chased all the way across Paris by his hilariously insane bus driver (who is allegedly trying to ram him over WITH the bus) in I See London, I See France

Simply as punishment for not being ON the bus, naturally - xandermartin98

10 Nerd discusses his unbearable World Of Warcraft night-elf fetish with another much less fanatic nerd in Canned

Nerd 1: "You'll never be satisfied with a MORTAL woman, because the elf wenches are'll spend the rest of your life searching for that same beauty again. (expand eyes) YES."
Nerd 2: "'re an IDIOT." - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 Filburt and Heffer respectively refer to food as "HERMETICALLY SEALED NOURISHMENT" and "food" in Hut Sut Raw
12 Mr. Bighead gets his Lex Luthor face mashed up in a blender
13 Heffer is given the description "it's round, flat and comes with pepperoni" and answers with "FLAT CALZONE" on a game show in Heffer In A Handbasket
14 Rocko smashes his motorcycle into pieces with a baseball bat just because it was playing bagpipe music in Road Rash

What? I don't like bagpipe music. - Rocko

15 The local subway train has to stop in the middle of the tunnel to allow the police to literally play arts-and-crafts with each other in Commuted Sentence
16 Mr. No Way grabs Mr. Bighead's eyeballs by the stalks, swings them around like lassos and then tosses them into a nearby lake in Teed Off
17 Rocko admits that he likes rainbows and gets chased all the way across town by an angry mob as punishment in Closet Clown

Luckily you TopTenners are far more tolerant. - Rocko

18 Dr. Bendova discovers "Neoclassical Elizabethan Buildup" in Rocko's ear canal in Flu-In-U-Enza
19 Rocko and Heffer are turned into abstract art by the sheer G-force of the descending airplane in Jet Scream
20 Filburt and Heffer (pretending to be ghosts) chant "wee-wee" to Mr. Bighead in She's The Toad
21 Rocko is stripped completely naked and hairless and thinks he's a dog in Hypno-Puppy Luv
22 Rocko and the gang get drunk on ice cream, talk to a pig shaped like a telephone and crash an airplane in Rocko's front yard in The Big Question
23 Rocko tattoos a can of baked beans onto a rhinoceros' uvula with a jackhammer in Canned
24 Mrs. Bighead "accidentally" calls Rocko over the local phone sex hotline in Canned
25 Filburt dresses himself up as the Tooth Fairy in Rinse And Spit
26 Rocko goes to the nudist beach in Sand In Your Navel
27 Rocko goes on a "bucket list" tour with his own disembodied appendix in Tickled Pink
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