Top Ten Funniest Things Kids Tell/Ask Their Parent

The Top Ten

1 Farts are created if you eat the air

Eating the air and farting it.

Haha...what?! - Britgirl

2 My imaginary friend's name is Satan

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! How dare you have an imaginary friend named Satan! You're grounded for 1 week go to your room

3 Batman ate my spinach, so can I now have dessert

Batman is not real

4 Spongebob came out of the Tv and grab my hamburger and ate it.


SpongeBob would not breathe in the air.

5 Mommy why do you have big cakes on your chest

Uh, those aren't cakes.

They are (insert body part here)

6 The Boogeyman told me that I was good last night

And had nightmares.

7 Daddy why were you hurting Mommy last night

They had.

8 The sky is blue because people colored it blue

The artist John John. (Not True)

9 The cat and the dog messed up my room

Because they cause trouble and bit their stuff.

10 Mommy you're fat like Patrick

You're grounded for calling me fat for 24 chars.

The Contenders

11 Are you retarded?

You'll get slapped.

12 When will my brother have his puberty


13 Hello I found you in the trash because you are trash
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