Top Ten Funniest Things to Say After Falling Down a Flight of Stairs

I am very clumsy and have fell down the stairs.....a lot. Here's what to say if you are as clumsy as me.

The Top Ten

I'm a professional stunt double. Don't try this at home.
Hey, at least this time it wasn't a cliff.

You've fallen off of a cliff?!?

Yay. I've accomplished something in life.
I did that on purpose!

The Chapulin Colorado always says that when he falls

Should've been him instead of me. That's too bad.
LIVE from New York, it's Saturday Night!

That would be amazing. - Yoshilord

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! Never mind, I'm up!

Sorry, I just had to add this. - PianoQueen

I'm okay, but drag me by my arms. It's more dramatic.
Do you think I should get a chair lift?
Bad stair! No! You don't let me fall! Bad!

This is hilarious.

The Contenders

I didn't fall down the stairs. I was just ballroom dancing with them.

No need for concern! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

It keeps happening.
Oh no! This is worse than running out of ideas for an item.
I am not ok!
Everyone ignore the person lying on the ground surrounded by medical professionals
You never saw anything!
Darn it! I meant to push you down the stairs!
Oh. I had so much to live for.
How to succeed at life: don't fall down stairs.

Well, apparently I didn't succeed at life. - PianoQueen

Ya hoo hoo hoo hooey!
When life gives you stairs, don’t fall down hurts

Lol just thought of this randomly. So gonna use it

This isn't the wheelchair exit.
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