Top Ten Best and Funniest Things to Say After You Say "What The"


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1 What the Heck?

I like this. It's polite. I normally say "What the hecky-peck" Mother would tell me off for other uses of "what the..." - Britgirl

I like saying holly heck.

This is probably the most propriate to say. - TopTenJackson

It's basically What the hell and What the f--- combined.

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2 What the Flip?

Haha this would be so funny. - TopTenJackson

My friend says what the flop. It's quite funny.

I like saying it and It's probaly the funniest as well - JandS3000

Unspeakablegaming rules!

3 What the What?

This could be pretty dang weird. - TopTenJackson

I say it all the time - Badgerflame

4 What the Freak?

This is probably the funniest with "What The Heck? " being the best. - TopTenJackson

I say that everyday - Toucan

5 What the Hell?

Could be useful to say it, just don't say "Hell" all the time. - TopTenJackson

I use it all the time. - Animefan12

6 What the F***?

Short, crisp and really gets the point across. Perfect cuss.

What is this doing on the list? - ethanmeinster


(Insert first letter here)uck

7 What the Cool?

DO NOT START SAYING THIS! But it is funny. - TopTenJackson

8 What the No!

This, I would say huh? - TopTenJackson

9 What the Cheeseballs?

I LOVE cheeseballs! I think that this should definitely be number one. It is a great advertisement for cheese balls and cheese and balls, so yeah. I love cheeseballs and it is better than most of the other 'What the' sayings

Random and funny but somehow gets your point across without using profane language. - mpgami

It's funny because it doesn't make sense.

10 What the Meow?

Someone just activated their inner cat... - SpectralOwl

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11 What the Hay?

Applejack. - TheRedstoneWiz

12 What the Pizza?
13 What The?

The title says it all. Ha!

I know.When someone says "What the? ",hit with something soft.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

14 What the Crap?

I know someone who says this and I want to yell SHUT UP

15 What the SpongeBob?

Been around since 1999/2000 and still used. Next generation is The Loud House.

This literally made me laugh. Why... - happyhappyjoyjoy

16 What the Fudge

I say this like all the time and I mean ALL THE TIME.

I say this so that I won't say no. 5. - DogsUnleashed

17 What the Fish?
18 What the The?

That makes no sense... And that's what makes it funny. - Animefan12

19 What the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

My friend said this and everybody stared at her lol. - Catacorn

Beautiful. - ACKREIK

20 What the Boob?

Shut up

21 What The Juice?
22 What the Frick?

What a certain YouTuber says a lot...

23 What the 10?

This would be the weirdest things ever to say. - TopTenJackson

24 What the Duck?
25 What the... Hey Stella!

Me: What the... Hey Stella!
Stella: My name's Frank

26 What the Elf?
27 What the Squid?
28 What the Potato?
29 What the Antidisestablishmentarianism?

I had a feeling this one would be here...

30 What the Lolz?
31 What the Woof?
32 What the Lamppost?

I'm so gonna say this!

33 What The Michael Jackson?
34 What the HOLY CRAP!!!
35 What the Jupiter?
36 What the Floob?
37 What the Prostitute?
38 What the Balls?
39 What the Nunchuk?
40 What the Forever?
41 What the Actual?
42 What the Methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylserylleucyl?
43 What the Justin Bieber?
44 What the Boob Dude?
45 What the the the the the the the the the the the...
46 What the firetruck?
47 What the Dick?
48 What the Helmet?
49 What the Megalosaurus?
50 What the Uhhhhhh

This is me when I say what the and don’t know what to say next

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