Top Ten Funniest Things To Say When You Try To Decide On Something

If you ever hear a person try to figure something out, you would probably laugh when you hear him say that.

The Top Ten

1 Lets See...Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Hmmmmmmmm...This Is A Toughie...Do you know? I guess I'll just have to rest my brain until I can decide again! Because I hate deciding!

A combination of deciding equals funny.

This would probably be the funniest thing to say or hear when you or someone else try to decide on something.

2 Oh man, I hate choosing...Uhhhhhh...Wow, this is the hardest thing ever to decide!

This would probably be hilarious, hearing someone say this would make you wet your pants and burst out laughing.

3 Oh boy! Pizza! Wait? What? Were either going to go to Pizza Hut or Little Caesars? Oh wow, thats going to be a hard decision!

LATER: Uh... This is taking forever to decide! Alright I'll just go with Pizza Hut then! FINALLY.

4 Sprinkles Huh? Let's see here, chocolate, or rainbow? WOW. Both of those sound good! That means this is going to be an impossible decision! LATER: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Mr. Sprinkle Man: Would you hurry up!
Some Random Guy: Sorry! Sorry! It's just I cannot decide with all these customers in the way!
Mr. Sprinkle Man: Come on guys! Get out of the store now! Move it move it!
Me: Thanks! That's much better. Uh.

5 Pizza or Chocolate Peanut Butter Mountain? OH BOY! BOTH SOUND GOOD! But wait, if I like both, which would I choose. Oh no. Later: UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *wakes up* Huh? WHAT? It's already gone? Oh man!
6 Could you decide for me? I cnnot think with all these other thoughts in my head! Which is about me playing video games!

Thoughts. About a billion of them.

7 Windows XP or Windows 7? Let's see. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh Windows 7! No wait XP!! No! 7!!! Oh man! I can't decide anymore!

Trying hard to decide isn't going to help.

8 If I decided really quick, would you give me $500? If I don't, would you still give me $500 but with 2 more decisions? Plus popcorn?
9 Cat or Dog? Lets see, Dog! No! Cat! No wait! Oh man! Wait lets just get both! But would that be too much? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
10 Tramway or Waterpark? Lets do both! Both with 12 hours!

The whole entire day.

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11 Decide? You mean like a death metal band?
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