Top 10 Funniest Things In Super Smash Bros.


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1 All Of The Characters Used To Be Dolls (SSB 64)
2 Wario's Nuclear Fart (SSBB Trailer)
3 Lucas' Pre-Death Scream (SSB4)
4 Snake's Codecs (SSBB)
5 "Why can't Metroid crawl" reference (SSB4)

What the heck is this? - RalphBob

6 "100% Weegee" (SSB4)
7 The Kid Icarus: Uprising crew's reaction to Mega Man (SSB4)
8 Satoru Iwata VS. Reggie Fils-Aime (SSB4)
9 Little Mac's reaction to Samus comparing her height to his (SSB4)
10 Captain Falcon's "Show Me Your Moves" Taunt (All)

The Contenders

11 Luigi being afraid of a Waddle Dee (SSBB)

If Waddle Dee is who he fears, he won't survive 02... - Garythesnail

Danteem: No! Luigi was acting to be afraid to trick it!
I really want to see what he'll say, - Therandom

12 The Big Gay Dance (SSBB)

Never played Brawl but if they kept this and the down move that Dedede has n ow, I WILL learn to play him JUST to use these two moves! - sdgeek2003

Why did they have to get rid of this? - Garythesnail

13 Shulk Spammers (SSB4)
14 You're too SLOOOW! (SSBB)
15 KO'ing someone with Wario's Wario Waft (SSBB-SSB4)
16 Crazy Hand's "writhing on the ground" attack (SSB4)
17 Master Hand and CRAAAZY Hand! (SSB4)
18 The Miiverse Stage (SSB4)
19 Luigi having the same voice as Mario (SSBM)
20 Wombo Combo (SSBM)
21 Looking up Peach's skirt (SSBM and SSBB)
22 KO'ing someone with Luigi's down taunt (SSBM-SSB4)
23 KO'ing someone with Jigglypuff's Rest (SSBM-SSB4)
24 KO'ing someone with Luigi's Super Jump Punch (SSBM-SSB4)
25 Mr. Game & Watch (SSBM-SSB4) Mr. Game & Watch (SSBM-SSB4)
26 Negative Zone (SSBB)
27 Robin's Dizzy Animation (SSB4)
28 Snake with a Bunny Hood (SSBB)
29 Re-including Dr. Mario (SSB4)
30 The Pictochat Stage (SSBB)
31 KO'ing someone with the Super Scope (All)
32 Fighting Polygon Team theme (SSB 64)
33 Master Hand flipping the bird (SSB 64)
34 Including Wii Fit Trainer as a playable character (SSB4)

Now you can finally beat him/her up for all that nagging they did in Wii Fit itself!

35 Including Duck Hunt as a playable character (SSB4)
36 Black Hole and Laser Beam (SSB4)
37 Captain Falcon's Final Smash (SSBB-SSB4)
38 Wario-Man (SSBB-SSB4)
39 Donkey Kong's "OOO" Taunt (SSBM-SSB4)
40 Luigi getting owned by King Dedede (SSBB)
41 Fox's Pre-Death Scream (SSB4)
42 Omega Stage Mode (SSB4)
43 Shulk's "I'm really feelin' it!" taunt (SSB4)
44 Peach's "la la la la la laa" taunt (SSB4)
45 Shrek Requests (SSB4)
46 Captain Falcon's "YES!" (All)
47 The fact that you can fight Link with Toon Link (SSBB-SSB4)
48 Doc Louis (SSB4) Doc Louis (SSB4)
49 Little Mac's Suicide-B (SSB4)
50 Captain Falcon saying "WHOOPS!" (SSB4)
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1. All Of The Characters Used To Be Dolls (SSB 64)
2. Wario's Nuclear Fart (SSBB Trailer)
3. "100% Weegee" (SSB4)
1. Lucas' Pre-Death Scream (SSB4)
2. All Of The Characters Used To Be Dolls (SSB 64)
3. Snake's Codecs (SSBB)


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